i could show you a picture of Sugar, but i am sort of thinking i might be able to squeeze in some time with her after i do my section for the mystery sampler tomorrow..
so if i am invisible tomorrow you will know why..
i stitched her eye, it is incredible i am certainly going to ask for Pale Rose /melancholy Valentine or both to be charted as QS as companions further down the track.. which one suits her better… probably melancholy valentine.
I have been doing computer stuff too.. i finally seriously started playing with my charting software and paul finally showed me how to convert files to pdf files… yayyyy
not sure what i do with this game i am playing but it entertains me and stops me from shopping online so much…and if you believe that you believe in the easter bunny, santa claus and the tooth fairy
I thonk i have averted a new start..
i am amzed how eager all my froends are to push me over the edge!!
i was hoping for a few people trying to get me to stand firm, but i think only elena was on the don’t go there side… others whom shall remain nameless were emailling me as well as commenting on the BB, you are an evil lot…
i must admit i love Leaf.. i would love her in my wip collection… but i do think i need to finish more than Elenia this year.
all this started cos i was making silly lists in my head again..
back to the charts i want to stitch before i die type lists, why do i do this to my self i ask .. and i have no response really…
except i like to torture myself..
finally just a nice link for you to look at.. Volarium have posted really good clear
Biscornu construction instructions… try saying that fast three time!


4 responses to “musings

  1. Giggle, I had trouble saying it once but those are the best instructions I have seen for the Biscornu. Thanks.
    Now, I think melancholy valentine would be a good companion. Have a good stitchy day ((HUGS))

  2. Come on you know you want to start Leaf – just think of those beauatiful green so peaceful and soothing to stitch. Come on take a walk on the wild side.

  3. pethairxstitcher

    Now listen here missy! We all know that you have an inner strength that stands firm when you really want something, we are just helping you develop that strength of yours…grin.
    see…you did not fold like a house of cards….yet! (wink)

    thanks for the link to the biscornu…they are excellent.

  4. First- green is beautiful!
    Second you mean that there isn’t an Easter Bunny, Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy- you just burst my bubble

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