time for a spoonful of Sugar and tranquillity

so here are my two bits and pieces i have worked on this week/weekend when not model stitching..

first is Sugar… i had a shocking time scanning her , still not happy with the picture i was trying to show that i was using white eterna silk for the cheeks instead of sparklies and to show the sparklies in her eye… yes SUE one eye… given how long this one took you had no hope of two

next up is my tranquillity sampler… which would havebeen done mid afternoon yesterday if i had not frogged out 6 different colours .. 3 for the swirly one i eventually went with nosegay ( the purple) and 3 for the little bit i did in the very bright hibiscus…( paul chose that and it looked best of the three i tried) and i reserve the right to change it again if i discover in the next row of pages it is a really big motif… the dark blue is the yummy Heartbreak which is now called Mermaid Blue 2331

tranq sampler

and yes i am ordering a pile of non varegated colours from HDF as i type this as i don’t want varigateds for this and most of my hdf’s are.

in other musings i continue to be impressed by the campaigning from some of you for me to have a new start..
The thing is the further it goes the less likely i am to start leaf as i am a stubborn little so and so… i know not exactly the newsflash of the century…
Must say though the thought of my Pink Day dream colours arriving and my desire to have a Vinson in my mix is quite exciting..
i won’t be starting Birch this time around in the CC on 3 SAL  as i will only get next friday to stitch before i leave on my footy/choc trip to melbourne
and the first chart purchase when i get back is that awesome red sampler from the Scarlet letter which i think is 2 posts back…
thankyou to Paula  … she sent me two yummy yummy charts… tempted to get the silks for one of them as well ( i know i am chronic) both from the Workbasket,
Trellis and Gods Critters
and thankyou to Jan for helping me try an dwork out which JBG face would be the best accompaniment for Sugar…
and finally a special needle minder has been released in Cheryl’s honour from kelmscott and OMIGOD!!! it is pale purple with dragonflies… $1.00 from each purchase goes to a parrot charity ( she had a pet parrot she adored) as chosen by her family

Millers Dragonflies 


7 responses to “time for a spoonful of Sugar and tranquillity

  1. pethairxstitcher

    Lovely…the work you have been doing…love it.
    and see…our ploy to help you get over green has worked! Now…shall we work on pink? (wink)

  2. *swoon*
    It was worth the wait:)

  3. Sugar is looking gorgeous – that eye is beautiful!!

    I love the god’s critter’s chart by the workbasket (but I think you know that I pretty much love everything they do)

    Tranquility is looking just lovely – how many weeks does this one go for? just trying to get a idea of the size.

  4. And what a pretty eye it is! I don’t mind it being one because it’s so lovely! You need to do some more work on that part in her hair though… right now it looks like her roots are grey!

    *mumbles and pouts about that pretty dragonfly needleminder*

    Trellis and Gods Critters are cute… and I love the frames they are in!!

    I still think you need some green… but if you want to start something pink, that’ll work, too. 😉

  5. youse is most welcome and deserving of treats.
    Love Sugar Magnolia. it is soooo pretty. and well, you know how much i love samplers and bright colors. lol.
    hope you have a great trip and get tons of chocs.
    thanks for posting the new releases on the HAED bb.

  6. Wow! How can you put her down to work on something else? 🙂

  7. Sugar is looking Stunning and so is the sampler, I love the colours that you have chosen.

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