thought i should say …… something…..

before i disappeared into the wild blue yonder of the big island for a few days..

though my chances of even leaving burnie seem dodgey atm as paul has disappeaered into the wilds of the west coast of tassie ( a remote and scary place …lol) and has not even packed his suitcase..nor indicated what he wants packed and we are meant to be on the road by 5ish so i can have dinner and walk the dog etc when i get to Mums house BEFORE midnight…
i asked him before he left this morning whether he had packed ( facetiously i might add) and he looked puzzled and said why… umm Melbourne ?? i suggested and he said can’t i do that later..

aaarrgghh its not like it is a surprise we are going and he didn’t have time to prepare, and if i pack he whines about which clothes i choose the nice ones ….

but then we are talking about the person who left for work this morning leaving the hot water tap running full bore in the kitchen sink… a fact i did not discover until 15-20 minutes later when i went to put my coffee cup on the sink and walk the dog… i said evil evil things about him in his abscence…

and also the person who “accidentally” locked me out of the house for an hour the other night..
I always walk home from the gym a cool down, he was still gossiping in the carpark so i gave him my gym bag, with the keys in the bag.. no worries
he drove home grabbed the dog and started walking her so we would meet half way ( muff loves finding mummy  when she does her evening walk, she thinks she is really clever).
i got home confidentally negotiated the side gate went to the back door which is ALWAYS left unlocked when the dog is taken for a walk… it was locked.. bemused i retraced my steps and went to the side door…LOCKED..

so it was 7.50 pm i had walked to the gym , done two classes with my tummy saying it was hungry at the start of the first class, walked back home and was stuck in the dark sitting on the steps to the front door for an hour , i was cold and some what amused actually..mainly cos i knew the look on his face when he reached the drive way was gong to be worth the wait… It was..
i watched snails racing across the front path, they actually move quite fast, did laps of the front yard singing trying to get warm, talked to the girls through the front door..they were very confused, and made sure i had my best sad face on when paul appeared.. he went pale and said “oh no” and looked like he was going to run the other direction except muff was thrilled that i had waited for her and ran down the path with paul attached so he had no choice
needless to say i got favourable treatment that night
as i always say routine and paul are strangers he can not grasp any routine and can make the same mistake 100 times and not learn his lesson . He still can’t even remember to set his alarm every night to get up for work ( no joke)

Stitching has been a bit weird this week did heaps of my CC model , and have been trying really hard to get my RR piece done.. i won’t win the RR race AGAIN… has there been a time when i did it inside the due date?? in either RR i think not, i am such a slacker.
i was thinking about doing a few hours on Birch fairy today for the CC SAL BUT ilost the chart.. and as i said before pauly is awa today so no emergency printing either.. SOi will plod on with my RR today, and skip the ornie sal this month and do the CC sal next weekend.
i am hoping the mystery sampler page is released before paul gets back to his office at 4.30 pm so i can take it with me and stitch a bit tonight at mums place i reallydo not need to get behind on this and at least i can transport it easily…

I love the new Judy Odell needle book BUT i am a bit annoyed how she sells the chart and the finishing book as two seperate things… i think i have grumped about this before… but i sort of think  it is unreasonabubble… I don’t know if it is obvious looking at the chart pack how to construct it.. i am lucky there in that i have a fair bit of sewing experience and can make most things if i look at pictures but i really like the chart  and lol it is  green!

and finally massive huggles to nance who sent me the I still do/ Second chance sampler charts from ink circles ( as in theTHE purple sampler) i love it… and of course the desire to stick a few stitches in the purple sampler was immense especially as some purple silks from HDF turned up the same day.. if you are a purple fan and you do not have sue-purple-ous in your stash… why not i say,  it is glorious…
similarly all my collection of stash from my stash fairy arrived..thankyou so much sweet sue including a few wonderful extras from the norty minx like a kitty kelmscott needle minder…
anyway amongst my stash i had some of the belle soie silks and the elegant eggplant is so yummy looking as is the fresh raspberries, they seem a bit thinner than the other silks soi think they will be great for 1×1 on 36 count.. i need to test stitch…
so hugs to my friends fo rlooking after me..
i will be around for email the next few days, we are taking the laptop with us as usualand all i have to say in closing is…

GO SAINTS!!!!!!!


6 responses to “thought i should say …… something…..

  1. It’s like reading a mini novel…LOL

    Enjoy your trip, the weather is beautiful for this time of the year.

  2. yes … my life with paul feels like a novel sometimes.. a long farcical style comedy with lots of unbelieveable plot twists and developments

    as he said once after a particular jaw droppingly stupid paul type act … well at least i make you laugh…..sometimes

  3. (((hugs))) glad to liked the pressie, it’s have a safe and wonderful trip.

  4. great minds think alike!
    this week i received 10 skeins of
    sue-purple-ous from Vicki, yes, I finally used the xmas gift voucher that I received from a gorgeous gal from tassie!!
    enjoy Melbourne.

  5. pethairxstitcher

    What a wonderful read! Never a dull moment eh? What would we do without our men…total entertainment (grin)
    Do so hope that you made it on time and wish you a chocolaramic (lol) trip filled with goodies of all kinds….
    Purples…I must check this out further (yum)

  6. Sounds as though you have many adventures just being home. giggle.
    hope you have a wonderful trip with lots of fun and chocs. ENJOY!

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