still alive

…. barely..

a bit melodramatic i know, but anyone else who suffers the ravages of sinus problems knows how close to death you can feel..
i had a great trip.. baring the last day .. but that was mainly due to the person who travelled with me and his inability to stop and think occasionally and more when we landed in tassie than when we were away.
football was disappointing as my team lost and the other game was a joke , the high point being that both those teams looked worse than my team in defeat .. not much of a highlight really
ate nice food bought nice chocolate, discovered yet again that clothing manufacturers refuse to accept that there are women with large busts and shoulders that like to wear nice clothes too and that they are not actually overweight in any part of their body .. they just have big boobs… it is a constant pain for me that i can never find clothes..
except legggings for the gym .. i am a  designer acceptable  size on the rest of my body, though my legs are a bit short ( lot short)
only had 3-4 panick attack/teary episodes so i did quite well given i went to two football games with lots of people.

stitching was a bust… the lighting in the hotel was really dim so i am miles behind on my mystery sampler, though i stitched it yesterday instead of my overdue RR as my head was so bad i could not see properly.. not conducive to HAED stitching at all..
my eyes and  have been so bad from sinus i have wanted to just to laydown and pretend i don’t exist for the past three days i got to the vomiting stage it was so bad the night i got home.. i have passed that now as i can manage it a bit better at home medication wise and at least i can see without it hurting too much today so i am back to trying to finish nancy’s RR.. poor Diane she must be shot of me and my slack stitching ways.
Now i am back i think the next thing on my to buy list will be that Scarlett letter sampler i linked a few posts back, the one that was originally done on 70 count linen.. i WON”t be stitching it on that though… if i ever stitch it…
feeling a bit of a stitching loser atm.. i know i am not but i still go through i am hopeless patches, i think it goes with the territory.
paul is away.. was yesterday, last night, will be today , tonight and tomorrow.. i think he comes home tomorrow night..
means i have lots of extra walking to do with my precious muffalupagus.. which is fine she likes it better when i walk her anyway, and exrtra time with the cats.. its funny they don’t really talk much to paul when he is here but when he is gone they miss him terribley and get really clingy
i had better go stitch……


5 responses to “still alive

  1. pethairxstitcher

    lots and lots of huggely hugs being sent your way sweet thing!

  2. Poor sweet girl – sending healing wishes your way.

  3. MEN!

    I’ve had those barfy sinus headaches. I put ice on my face and lay down in a really dark quiet room and wish the world away.

    Lots of hugs, dahlink!

  4. (((((hugs))))
    Airplanes are very hard on the sinuses. Sure hope you’re feeling better now that you’re home and getting the right meds for them. take good care of yourself sweet Fudgey. Glad to hear about those chocs.
    more ((((((hugs))))))

  5. Oh sweeetie, I hope you’re feeling better soon {{hugs}}. And no fretting about the rrobin, I haven’t sent mine to Jan yet either (sorry Jan if you read this!). I should get it finished this weekend hopefully. Now did you say someone actually stitched on 70 count fabby!!! Thud!

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