My Mystery Sampler and a Beguiling Dryad

the silver lining to having a bad head is that i got to catch up on my mystery sampler..
i knew if i tried too much haed/cc stitching i would end up frogging large tracts of it..
i have nearly finished my RR piece.. about 80 single stitches to go…. sigh but i have only done that in the hour the medication ( yes i went to the doc i have a prescription spray now ) works really well each time i use it for about 1 -2 hours then i start feeling grotty again.
so anyway here is the top row of the sampler done.. i decided not to continue on with my strip of bright pink until i hit the page below in 4 weeks time so i can see how wide the motif actually is there is just too small a sample of that one to risk choosing a colour IMO

there is a LOT of stitching in that Colonial teal motif  and i had a lot of fun deciding to go really OT with the Rose quartz and phlox combo for the last motif… i did have a more subtle combo usingthe rose quartz and water blue, but decided to heck with it
ok tried to post a pic where you could see the whole top row without a microscope and it would not work so just use the link instead, sorry….

 if you want to see a bigger picture here is the link
My Pine Dryad finally got charted.. yes this green thing continues to not only be a source of amusement for Sue and Sonya but one of bemusement for me..

so anyway, somehow someway i am going to try and squeeze a bit of time in for her i might be dropping out of some stuff and just doing my RR , mystery sampler, wed sal and sal challenge i think..
i have been feeling really overwhelmed recently and over commited trying to participate in everything with everyone
So once i can sort out some pale coloured jobelan and track down all the floss.. she is NOT small i will start her sopme how..
there is a peace about her that really gets to me
I saw another wip of A New Beginning from Abbey lane designs yesterday , again done in overdyed silks from HDF … i really do love that chart.. like i need another spot motif sampler..
i am too lazy to link the chart ,  it is in my wish list with a link just incase you know not what i talk of
it is time for me to move myself and try for a good stitchy afternoon and get those final stitches in the RR for nancy and so i can post to the poor long  suffering diane for having to put up with me always being late, and to do some of aredhel… then i must get back to my models.. a week off has been bad for my routine which had been working well


2 responses to “My Mystery Sampler and a Beguiling Dryad

  1. love the colors on your sampler. you’ve gotten a lot done.
    like the pine dryad too. she seems very lithe and her appearance of movement is calming to me. but green has always been a nice calming color imo. glad you’re feeling better and getting some stitching time in, that always helps. take good care of yourself Fudgey.

  2. pethairxstitcher

    The colours and designs in your mystery sampler are just wonderful, so rich…it does indeed look like loads of fun. Yup…I think you need some green in your life…it is very relaxing; if she calls you, do her and as for all the sals, I will let you off the hook for all the ones you are doingin with me…provided you stitch green. (wink)
    take care and lots of hugs

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