just a quickie so i don’t bore you again with my ramblings
here is my latest aredhelpicture after the fifth week SAL
once again i learnt i can not stitch with a headache and the black bit i did was done twice..
headache was my own fault i tried staying upto watch the cricket final.. gave up just as they finally went on to the field after the rain delay, then could not sleep cos paul got up an hour later to watch it
i digress this is meant to be short

i must try and finish my RR today as the next installment arrived from Jan.. full of treats again too the little treasure she is..
i feel so bad about how late i am again

3 responses to “aredhel

  1. She’s looking very pretty. sorry you had to frog.
    hope your headache goes away very soon.
    frogs and headaches, not a good combination.

  2. I hope that you are feeling better soon and that the frog didn’t niggle you too much. I am sure that you will get the RR done soon and that will look stunning too.

  3. She’s looking gorgeous šŸ™‚

    At least the cricket result would be something to cheer you up (when they finally got a result!) šŸ™‚

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