question nancy , sharon, lindy and any other victorian stitchers.. could you hear my plaintiff wail from across the strait??
it has been like 10 hours since i made my discovery and i still am having trouble not screaming at myself…
i am so so  so sorry nancy …
you know the RR… ummmmmmmm
i am dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb..

2 things happened this morning, telstra had the stupid idea to do a broadband update and wiped out the state ,no internet accces in rolling breakdowns through all the exchanges once it started they couldn’t stop it and it caused chaos.. i was in the middle of sending Sonya an awesome ecard i found with a topic close to both our hearts when bam, no internet… i thought i had finally blown up the modem, but then paul rang asking me to disconnect the modem so he could use our dial up addy from work ..phew… at least that one wasn’t my fault..

so i went and stitched, to do those last single stitches in the RR to post to diane…

and i had an epiphany .. but not a good one… sadeyes
i stitched it sideways cos the legs had to cross the other direction.. fine… i turned the chart sideways too cos i couldn’t stitch it otherwise ….fine..

well so i thought but no i am  dumb dumb dumb…
there are arrows in the chart going left, right … do you all know where this is going?…
my dumb  bimbo brain did not register that i had to turn my head sideways to see the true direction of the arrows so i had the colours wrong for several chunks of the section.. i thought it looked odd , but as i was just stitching a chunk of dress it had no real sirens like purple skin or green hair…
so i spent the day frogging… seems to be a theme lately doesn’t it cloud
and of course i had done single stitches through it which meant more than the wrong colours being frogged… cloud cloud
i have frogged the sections now .. after all i had no computer to distract me
but i honestly think i might send it on and have it sent to me at the end to fill the gaps.. it isn’t much stitching but i can not face it
i feel so stupid… i NEVER make errors like that never never never

So i have spent the day being really cross with myself and muttering under my breathe a lot  censor and trying to work out  how to own up and tell every one what a ding bat i am…
so there you go .. i am almost to scared to pick up a needle i might just keep knitting the scarf i am knitting for pauls work collegeague as a farewell gift ( they are both out of a job in June as the current contract for providing professional development for teachers in the state runs out and they have to move on to new things… don’t know what yet , but the department HAS to give them a job)
i must thank Lindy for the easy peasy lace pattern, i am knitting it in Dark Reds 4 ply wool cashmere blend from the wonderful Knittery where i get all my wool at the moment

nancy i am so sorry i mucked up your RR…….. bear


9 responses to “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  1. Oh no! You poor thing.

  2. ((((((((((((many hugs)))))))))))
    don’t know that it will make you feel any better but i have done that once in the past and hope it never happens again. just remember thinking and wondering what planet i was on when doing it.
    sending lots of positive vibes. now is the time for lots and lots of chocs.

  3. *hugs*
    So sorry to hear you are having a nightmare time with the RR. I’m sure Nancy won’t mind but I can understand. *note to self to be very very careful with nancy’s RR*

  4. ((hugs))
    We’ve all been there before (well, at least I have and just recently too on the over one in the centre of Egyptian garden). I feel your pain.

  5. great big hugs and not so dumb or bimbo-ish. I have done the same thing

  6. ((hugs)) Sorry to hear about that. I would be screaming too. I stitch in the same direction as Nancy so I won’t have a problem with hers, but I have to be careful with everyone elses. I have learnt to rotate the key as well as everything else. the first time I didn’t I almost had big problems too 🙂

  7. More (((hugs))) for you. Have to admit that I did the same thing as Nic, took me a while (and much double checking) before I worked that out though! 🙂

  8. pethairxstitcher

    Well now…I was worried about you when I did not hear a peep…now i am relieved that you are ok!
    Hugs….I have the feeling that the internet thing jinxed you…I refuse to believe anything but good about you, so there!
    massive hugs and cyper choccies

  9. What can I say but {{{{hugs}}}}

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