….insert banging head on desk emote…..

My internet coonection is insane…
and consequently it is driving ME insane, who knows whether this will even get posted it may shut off, the connection may break, or it might time out when i hit publish…
OR it will be fine…
sometimes it takes about forty minutes to open, read, reply to an email, sometimes it is normal pace,
there are some websites i can access easily and immediately and have no problems at all…
like the HAED BB and  ( and this will make sharon laugh cos she knows the saga) the Dragononfly dreams website, others like the HDF site will not load up no matter what i try, others if i load let it sit there silently spinning for 5 -10 minutes, then hit refresh, work fine.. for a while..
i can’t open any of the lovely ecards people sent me cos they will not open the links  waited one out for 40 mins and then gave up… but thankyou dear people they are all sitting there and when the service provider finally gets back to us i will open them…
so i can read emails in about 10 minute turn around, i just am not answering them atm cos it takes too long , so feel fre to tease me via email safe in the knowledge for now i will not be able to retalliate..lol
poor paul he was on the phone for 2 hours last night… finally they shamefacedly admited it was a problem their end not ours… after 3 earlier dismisive responses that it was fine their end..
they did not bargain for talking to someone who knew it was not the computer and knew something about computers and finally realised he had to be put through to a technician rather than a call centre person ( which they did not realise until about 10.45 pm)
Sue i did read your email to the RR girls, but again i am waiting for the computer before answering….
Sonya i am still alive just incredibly grumpy!
Before i could no longer access the HDF site i did order 5 hanks in their hank sale… i totally recommend you give them a try… $4.00 for 50 yards of HDF silk and so far in all the ones i have ordered i have only had 1 i will not use and one i might not ever use..
my offer of 50 yards of middish grey silk still stand for anyone who wants it..
in my last lot which i got with my posting points i got the most amazing variegated red… and a lovely soft green sort of 503ish
in that order i also got 3 skeins of the new Enchantress.. if you love red silk, treat yourself to a few skeins… it is divine
next as i can’t really email people successfully..
{{{{sue and sonya}}}} the norty pixies sent me the floss for leaf.. which leaves the dilemma ( giggle no pun intended)… am i meant to start leaf or Pine Dryad ( no both is not an option)  i will send you thankyou cards one day…
next … when we were experimenting last night to see if we could crack the code as to which sites would and would not load up and if there is a common link… ( there isn’t so far) i played on Dragonfly dreams and LOVE the cover of the new
Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly – Vol 47 how wonderful is that redwork.. hmm i have some good red silks atm.. lol and of course bundles of space in my stitching time NOT!!
finally, thankyou for all the nice comments on my stupid boo boo, especially to sharon who offered to fix it for me when it gets to her..
but i will be able to face her again when she returns to me and it really is only 2 days worth of stitching …
i just feel bad that there will be a gappy section as it goes to everyone else
hugs everyone…


8 responses to “….insert banging head on desk emote…..

  1. I get the feeling you are being stalked by gremlins that are wreaking havoc upon all youe usual pleasurable passtimes 😦
    They are sure to get bored eventually and be chased off by the more pleasently mischievous pixies *hugs*
    I was going to ask if you ordered hanks this time around … I was pretty sure you would :p I did this time too though I only ordered 3. I was tyring to be good…. need to emails you too the temptaion to tease without threat is too much to resist 😀 *more hugs*

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Hi sweet thing…stop beating yourself up and everything will eventually come together…and as for green…my vote is Pine Dryad…(cheering from the peanut gallery)! I have the feeling it will be fine with Sue as well; just as long as it is GREEN!!!! giggle
    As for your moody internet service…
    tomorrow is another day, take it one step at a time, deep breaths and think of all the money you are saving by not being able to browse…you can then use it for more silkies! (ducking to avoid the swat coming my way)

  3. Pine Dryad! If you let me know what other colors you need, I’ll have them shipped over right away! And while Vikki’s hank sales are lovely, I have to say that her spools are soooo nice to use for someone as klutzy as me as of late! Not to mention they are a bit more cat proof! So do what Sonya said and order some more silks to go with that 70 count fabric you need! (I really want to say I know someone who’s stitched on 70 count!)

    Hugs, dahlink!!

  4. ok i will assess floss requirements re the dryad
    thankyou for sending me off to stitch her when you had both sent me leaf threads…
    i CAN’T order any more silk..
    i CAN’T get on to the HDF site no matter what i try
    but given i have just received 2 spools ( they came as spools when i ordered hanks, no complaint here though ) and 15 skeins and ordered another 5 hanks and 5 skeins i guess i should stop whining..

    Vicky i think you might be right there is a gremlin.. i wonder what my biorythms say….. bet they are really bad

  5. oh forgot to say.. i won’t be stitching that chart on 70 count if and when i get it.. i will be a little more circumspect with my linen choice than that..
    hmmm 50 count maybe… lol

  6. I hope that you get the problem sorted out soon and get the gremilins out from there end! *HUG*

  7. Pine Dryad would sure be a fun stitch and it does have lovely greens. giggle. how sweet of sue and sonya to send you the flosses. they are 2 very sweet and thoughtful ladies in my book. and needless to say i think the world of you and think you should have any and everything you want!!!!
    sorry you’re having all those provider problems. that’s a real drive me up the wall kinda thing for those of us who do most of our shopping on line.

  8. Sorry for your internet troubles, fudgey. Hope they are worked out soon. Pine dryad looks like a fun stitch! Love Vikki’s silks…she is sending me some premiums to try before I order for cosima and clarissa…sure I will love them, as I love her other silks. How is your tranquility sampler coming? supoose you have page 6 done already! 🙂
    Big hugs

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