still semi isolated from cyberspace…

just to let everyone know i am still alive..

somethings are better, somethings are worse.. somethings get better then get worse…
I went to Agfest yesterday which is a massive 3 day farming expo run by rural youth tasmania…
why was I going to a farming expo i hear you ask… well they grow a lot of food on farms, and a lot of farms now have cottage industries attached to them like my favourite caramel in the whole wide word made by a lovely lady down the south of the state who uses the milk/cream/butter etc from her own farm to make her wares .. so i have yummy homemade caramel and nut caramel ( no she didn’t grow the nuts lol)..
the people who now grow herbs as a side business and make amazing natyural soaps scented with blue gum ( state floral emblem) and rosemary which is a fav scent combo of mine..
so i get to check out lots of stuff like that , eat yummy food from the food produce tent, nibble lots of local cheese, grab a cadburys showbag ( an essential every year)..

didn’t get to browse as much as i would like which meant no nice skin products or looking at the alpaca wool etc cos my sister, BIL, nephews and mum came too so a lot of time was spent looking at goats/sheep/alpacas/sea creatures in tanks ( marine farming) and scary cows… you do remember i am mortally fearful of cows…
and also there were SO many people it was packed ,biggest crowd ever for the final day so i was pretty stressed…

we came away with the above mentioned caramels, chocolate, a dairy showbag full of yummy milks/yoghurts etc, 3 fullsize king island cheeses ( the aus girls might know how decadent that is) and  some really nice bread, but the winner on the day was my muffalupagus.. she now has a wonderful new bead with a soft fuzzy cover on it, a new toy , and a big show bag full of puppy treats.. beetle and fudge now have a new smart litter box too
i also managed to get well over half way in the scarf i need knitted by the end of the month.. this lace pattern of Lindy’s is so fast and creates a wonderful scarf…
i am hoping i can get my photobucket account to work later in the day so i can post my pics of the mystery sampler and my meagre bit of lovenotes, and tomorrow night i will have my next Elenia installment to post i think
After a few days of not being able to i got back on to the HDF site.. firstly the silk price increase has finally happened… sigh.. it is still great value though so i won’t sook
secondly some one had posted a wip of a gorgoeus quaker sampler by Samplers and Such and i should not have gone searching as i had forgotten about this designer and now i am all wanting to order stuff again….

because it takes so long for each page to load up here are all the ones Stitching bits and bobs has.. the one this stitcher is doing is the Quaker style friendship sampler and it is glorious stitched in hdf , but i also love Bright Spots sampler… which one little fairy already knows cos we have chatted about it before, A Spot of tea and the Rabecka kleinsasser one..

off to glare at my email some more and try and get photobucket to load up so i can post a pic of jan’s Enter a New World pic… which is soooo close to being finished the clever possum

7 responses to “still semi isolated from cyberspace…

  1. pethairxstitcher

    Sounds like there have been some bright spots to the week after all and I am certain that all the fur balls just loved mommy for those lovely gifts…spoilt rotten! – grin—
    Hope that things to get straightened out soon. it must feel as if you have been cut off from the world {{Hug}} but here you are and I am happy to read a post again of yours…extra {{{HUGGLES}}}

  2. Your day sounds so fun. love to do those kinds of things. all the good foods and crafts. sigh…no more though.
    hope you can get your pics to download. looking forward to seeing what you’ve gotten done.
    Bright Spots Sampler, it is in my stash along with the silks and i’m waiting for the hand dyed to come for a start. Fudgey, you have me so hooked on Workbasket charts. i have bought several. hmmm.
    Saw the Samplers and Such charts. love, love, love them. contemplating a couple of purchases but don’t know which yet. like i need them.
    hope you’re enjoying all your new chocs, they sound so yummy, and the babies have to love their new toys.
    have a beautiful day. sending lots of hugs.

  3. Wow, sounds like a great day out, that king island cheese sounds delicious!

    Sorry your internet connection is still giving you grief. What a total pain. Every now and then ours goes a bit “manky” and I am totally bereft! Begging Joel to fix it (some times it just needs a bit of a jiggle our end – other times our provider forgets we pay by automatic direct debit and slows our connection!!)

  4. The Farm expo sounds amazing, and you’ve picked up some wonderful bits and pieces! Mortally fearful of cows you say … poor little moo-moos. Now bulls I can understand, those things just look mean! Bummer about your internet connection still being dodgey, I’d probably be ready to bite someone’s head off by now. Hope your ISP can sort itself out soon for you. {{Hugs}}

  5. Glad to hear you got spoilt a bit and did some spoiling! Did, you by any chance, see my mail? I was at a Sheep and Wool Festival with my goobers this past weekend… you can say happy faces sticky with fairy floss and ice cream, can’t you?

    I hope your net connection comes back soon! I miss you!

    Bug hugs and smoochies!

  6. I am glad that you had a good day and was able to forget your puter problems for a while. And I am sure that the kitty’s love there new bits and pieces.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful time at the outing you went those kind of things! Some goodies for you and your furbabies….LUV the new samplers you pointed out to us on SB&BS..Bright spots is very nice and so are a few others…like I need some more stash!!..Hope you get your computer issues fixed soon..I am used to mine being slow on dial-up, but still sometimes when it doesn’t “cooperate” with loading some site..I could litterally throw it out the window!! Take care, dear one..and big hugs to you!

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