don’t faint..I’m back!!

how long for i don’t know, so don’t fret if i disappear again..
yeah i know most of you didn’t notice i was gone.. if any one is even bothering to look at my blog now..
what have i done whilst our service provider has made our internet a random thing..
spent money .. true if i found an ons i could access iwould buy stash..
i bought a number of charts , mainly quakers and samplers.. can’t say what some are as they will turn into gifts for people, but i did order the Scarlett letter sampler chart i have been waffling on about the Jane Rees Reproduction Sampler and NO despite what a few crazies i know think i will not be hunting down 70 count for it
i also finally ordered the needleprint ackworth Quaker post charts 
and again … no i will not be stitching 20 envelopes.. i wanted to look at them and see hwat they were like and play a round a bit sometime.. you know when i have all this spare stitching
ummm i also bought some midnight stitching samplers including the dragonfly one i have been coveting for a while..
it was pauls fault.. he would be on the phone to some person on the other end claiming to be a technician and they would be saying to me load up a site from x country, load a site you could get onto yesterday, load up one you couldn’t.. and i was using ons and then i had to try paypal, and then… well you ge the drift, they were enabling me..
i also bought some plain coloured jobelan and belfast linen and a grab bag of evenweaves  (think it was evenweaves) and … no i will stop now, i think you are all in shock anyway
so my defence is they made me do it, i was sick, i was buying charts instead of eating too much chocolate ummm i was lonely… i am nearly out of jelly belly beans so i was substituting..
i have a picture of Elenia to share, i also did some more patchwork sampler… not much but i wanted to test out the belle soie silk and it is LOVELY fresh raspberies is good enough to eat, i sdon’t have a scan of that.. i have not stitched much i have actually been really sick, foirstly the sinus thing some of you know about but secondly another virus grabbed me and chewed me up and spat me out and concentration was monimal due to headaches and such like..

i seem a bit better this week so maybe that along with the browser seeming like it is working ok i am heading in a better healthy direction again.. she says fingers crossed..

so below is the second last pic of Elenia…

and finally..


happy birthday Sue


5 responses to “don’t faint..I’m back!!

  1. I read this still! And I’ve missed your blog entries.

    Elenia is looking absolutely beautiful. What are you going to do when you finish her? Are you going to stitch another model, or substitute in another of your pieces?

  2. Elenia looks fantastic!! She’s just beautiful!

  3. I read your blog, and Elenia look stunning *HUGS*

  4. Ah Sweetie, good to have you back..course I missed you. (HUGS)
    Elenia looks stunning, love the colours.

  5. Ahh, Fudgey..hope you feel better allergies have been playing havoc also..and the pills for them make me so lethargic..Lovin your elenia..she is beautious! (You like jelly bellys too?) what is your favorite..I like so many, love buttered popcorn flavor and raspberry (of course) and, and…Also, I read your blog all the time and so enjoy your sharing of the happenings in your life. Take care and feel better, Luv! Hugs

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