some pics…

not much to say today..

thanks to those people who said nice thigs yesterday.. when i questioned whether anyone was reading my blog, i meant more.. given i had been so erratic in the past few weeks and so grumpy and then nothing for a week that people might have forgotten to click on the link
anyway here are some more pic…

firstly my darling Sugar…
instead of sparkle thread for her cheeks, nose and chin i used white stranded eterna silk…

secondly is my patchwork sampler.. one of the days when my head was so bad i could not concentrate on HAEd i treated myself to some patchwork sampler.. i had been bursting to try the crescent colours belle Soie.. and can i tell you they stitch up marvellously.. i am really tempted to buy a heap for that scarlett letter repro sampler..
i finished 2 motifs and did 90 % of another.. i worked on the bottom setion the belle soie is the rich red pink.. fresh raspberries is its name


8 responses to “some pics…

  1. Ooh, so many pretties for my eyes to feast on since my last visit! Arn’t the soft colours in Sugar magnolia just divine, how gorgeous is the detail in that eye! And I can’t believe your *this* close to finishing Elenia! Seems like it’s been ages since I last saw it (probably as I’ve been very slack in my blog reading lately). Love the patchwork sampler, it’s a wonderful chart. And it’s good to read that your ISP seems to be behaving itself again. Congrats on the shopping spree too, there seems to be a shopping bug going around lately; always the best kind of bug imo 🙂


  2. Ohh, fudgey..Luv Sugar and Patchwork is coming along very nicely..the new raspberry color is lovely..where do you buy the crescent colours belle soie? I will have to check those out…seems like you have been getting heaps of stitching done….hugs

  3. Sugar Magnolia look stunning and as for Patchwork Sampler WOW, I really must get Gathering Dew finished so that I can start on Circle or Patchwork.

  4. Beautiful progress on your WIPs as usual, J-M 🙂

  5. I love the colours in patchwork as usual. Sugar Magnolia is looking stunning. And of course I read your blog, just not very good at commenting!

  6. Your Sugar Magnolia is coming along so quickly considering she’s all those neutrals you love so much! And your sampler… well *swoon!* Just look at those colors!! It’s gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!


  7. the eterna for her face is a wonderful sub, she is so adorable. I wuv her! Your sampler colors are amazing, I cant wait to see whats next. Nance

  8. Your stitchings are beautiful as usual. I have my eyes wide open and i admire !

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