an alien kitty and CC SAL

This weekend is the Character Creations SAL..
depending on how i am going with my CC model as to whether i just stitch that, which means no pics, or if i start Birch fairy… which would be norty, but i have startitis and that might stop me from any more starts… and if you believe that you believe babies grow in cabbage patches
I didn’t get to participate last month cos i was away and well frankly the last 6 weeks of stitching have been a disaster .. i am hoping i can make the next 6 weeks bettter
I got my biscornu charts from Volarium.. they are the fastest international deliverers hands down.. now to find the time to do them… of course Vicky and i are stitching one next weekend in the ornie sal, then finishing it in the next ornie sal.. well that is the plan, if anyone else wants to join us….
ithink i am meant to be stitching the one in the latest Gift of stitching.. which means i need to get Paul to print it…..
unless I go with one of the two that arrived yesterday
to answer judy’s question the Crescent Colour belle Soie silks are available at a fair few ONS i actually ordered mine from SBand B  i have some elegant eggplant calling my name atm.. and i would love to add a few more to my stash, like the Mer Blue, Plush Plum and Sister scarlet
and finally here is my little green kitty..
alien sk

to refresh your memories, he is stitched on a 32 ct jobelan solo 1×1 and he will be a story keep one day i must give him ears next time he is in the rotation..


8 responses to “an alien kitty and CC SAL

  1. Kitty!
    and yes we were going to stitch the one from gift of stitching but I say stitch what takes your fancy!
    I haven’t been commenting much lately… slack! that’s me but everything looks fantabulous.

  2. Your Kitty looks gorgeous! I was given some belle soie in the prize pack from SB&B I won in March, I love it too.

  3. Such a fun alien kitty 🙂 Yes, he does need ears next time 🙂

  4. here kitty, kitty…how adorable is he? I love how he is taking shape. lovely stitching my dear. xx Nancy

  5. Kittie is too cute! thanks for the info on the soi silks..I will have to have a look-see at those! (how is your tranquility sampler coming along? I haven’t seen an update yet this week?!) hugs

  6. pethairxstitcher

    Green kitty is really taking shape! Looking great! So…a new start for the CC sal; I will be looking forward to seeing more greens (grin). Just think, a green cat, now a green fairy – shock!
    hugs and here is to a great stitching weekend minus any green jumping thingies.

  7. Love your kitty! he’s coming along really good. i’m behind but love Elenia and Magnolia too. you have been busy.hope to get some stitches in for CC sal as well.

  8. Your kitty is looking great!

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