i am a restless stitcher atm..
i can’t settle iwant to stitch everything, but i don’t want to stitch anything..
i e i want to stitch things i don’t have started , and for some reason can not focus on the things i do have started
i know it is a phase and it will pass, but it is an expensive place to be in at the moment, in that i keep buying stuff to satify the want to starts need , rather than starting something.
some reasons why this is happening i think…
It is cold and rainy and  i am very susceptible to seasonal change it really mucks around with my depression i have been better since we moved from hobart in relation to SAD as we don’t get the endless days of grey cold weighing down misery which they get down there…. days were the temp goes from -4 C overnight to 5 C during the day and sunlight is a mere memory and the wind off the mountain cuts you like a knife… can you tell i do not miss this part of living in hobart.. i never did get used to it in the 12 years i lived there..
I am also busy using up the printer cartridge for paul at work.. he is in his last month in his current position and the equipment in his office is just being left as obsolete ( wasteful imo) and as he will be back in a college and having to justify a majority of his printing so i need to get any i might want printed from the fullsize charts as 30 plus pages for a chart is pushing it as far as the fuzzy bit of his printing allocation would go . Soeveryday i choose a few charts and he prints them… which means i am looking at lots of charts and daydreaming.. this makes me restless for obvious reasons, i want to start them.
i got Blueberries and Cream  from JBG printed yesterday and i sooooo wanted to start her right then and there
today i spose i get Capricorn from JBG printed as i still can not decide which would be best to do , i had Luna printed the other day.. and we all know how she screams at me lol.
I also have this desire atm to try high count linens i think this comes from the Jane rees reproduction sampler i am waiting for from th Scarlet letter.. as she stitched the original on 70 count. I think that is insane not even sure such a count exists anymore, but i did order some legacy dower quality linen alba maxima which is a 40 ct and some legacy linen 48 ct from the Twining Thread who i nmust say is on the ball ordered my sunday and posted my tuesday and postage was not horrific  so i look forward to checking them out.
i must admit a leon Conrad chart fell into the parcel too Stars of Glory
i also emailled a store about 55ct kingston linen , but they have not replied… pout and they are a great company i often use so i will re email them , after all i know how stupid cyberspace is.

my next big dilema once i choose a fab is which colour to go with…. i know it is traditional to do a repro in the similar colour to the original .. but its me… i am not good at traditional.. and i think i want to use the Belle Soie silk i think eggplant might be a bit too dark.. i am leaning towards fresh raspberries, BUT i would like to check the other reds and the plum as well from the range before i commit and i had a strange twinge about using colourstreams yesterday and that opened up a real dilemma as the colours are totally different to any other range

i have plenty of time to muse though
I finished the scarf i was knitting for Pauls work colleague  yesterday.. and iwas like 9 days ahead of time.. i think i deserve a medal.. me getting something done well before the due date.. is unheard of i am always the girl skidding in on her heels still tying off ends etc…
strange really cos i am always early for appointments meetings etc…
anyway it is done and i must again say thankyou lindy, that lace pattern is brilliant so easy and so quick.
i have heaps of the red left so i will knit someone a scarf for xmas with it i guess.
below is my picture of my Tranquillity mystery sampler which i am upto date on again…
i have included a link incase youwant to see the bigger picture, i have to make things so small to fit on this page.
i frogged out the hot pink hibiscus and changed it to Turquoise.. which is bright, but fits my colour scheme which some how has turned into pinks, teals,turquoisey/aquas and purples and purpley blues. i also started my new motif with the lighter of the sea pinks which is a lovely colour.
tranq sampler

and the link to a bigger picture..

big hugs to all my friends too.. so many of you are sick and sad atm.. and i wish i could wave a wand and make you all better kitty

6 responses to “restless

  1. OMG, You’re me atm! I want to start so many new projects but i can’t seem to focus on anyting I’ve already started. I’m buying charts and silk like there’s no tomorrow cause I’m restless and I’m hoping more stash will help. But then as soon as I go to start what I’ve just bought I decide I hate the colours I’m using and lose interest, it’s most frustrating! In the last week I’ve started Cirque, AMAP 8, A golden Kite chart and just 20 minutes ago I bought a new HAED (Dragon Soul). I refuse to get the new JBG I love cause I know I’ll want to start it immediately too … grrr. So big {{Hugs}} to you JM, you’re not alone in your restlessness. It must be the weather. It will pass right, I’m running out of spare cash (lol).

    Oh, and I love how Tranquility is coming along too. Do you have a picci of the scarf or was it in a previous post I missed?

  2. pethairxstitcher

    The weather certainly can play havoc with one as can the events around us. I know that I feel it too very much and fight as one may, it helps naught. It will pass, that is the thing to remember. In the mean while you have kept busy. I am in limbo again this week teaching so i feel for you.
    the sampler on the other hand looks smashing!
    hugs dear one

  3. *hugs*
    I want new starts too. It seems it is going around … much like the flu I landed.. blergh.
    Tranquility is looking fantastic and I love the teals etc.
    Oh and I second Nancy in requesting a picture of your scarf 🙂

  4. I hear you too, Fudgey..have been restless and willy-nilly on my stitching! Have stashed so much this month..dread seeing the o’ Visa bill! Luvin’ your tranquility are picking out great colors for it. (I must get some more stitches into I think lately I spend more time looking at my stash and drooling over it than stitching it…take care dear one. hugs

  5. ((((((Hugs)))))) Sorry you’re having a time of it. your sampler is beautiful, love the colors.
    well, i’ve been at loose ends too so have helped to satisfy it with a new QS start. Lisa Victoria’s Bad Hair Day. was going to start in upper left corner but my mood would not allow it, started with those bright colors in the mushroom.
    Is there a special place reserved for those of us who are in this “restless” state? wish there was
    take good care dear friend and keep warm.
    many hugs

  6. Sounds like we all need to join the same club! I have also been buying and not satisfied with what I have already started. Don’t make excuses for me Jeannie-Maree….. I would also love to see that scarf of yours, everyone so far has been gorgeous. Big hugs for you xxxx

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