general chat

thankyou for all the comments for the last entry!
re the scarf i can’t take a pic unless paul brings home the camera Scarves do not scan very well lol
after i wrote the blog entry yesterday .. truly like 5 mins after i hit send my Jane Rees repro sampler turned up, so another company to recommend especially for OS girls who are sometimes wary, the postage was $6 USD which i have no problems paying , for a big thick A4 sized booklet .. unlike a few companys who will charge $11 plus for one leaflet or $20 plus for 1 fat quarter of fabric
i am going to sign up for the new wiehenburg quaker sal, but i will not be seriously sal’ing..

i think of all the big quakers i have seen this is my fav, as some of you know i have an aversion to the really trad style quakers, and at 11 euros which is about half the price of her charts i really think it is worth it.
i have spent the morning playing with my silks trying to help nancy find colours for some of her samplers.. and can i say if anyone is looking for a lovely combo of soft golden browns the spice girls ( as i call them ) would be perfect of pale cream or ivory linen… the colours are HDF  coriander, ginger and cardamom … just beautiful , dragon oil looks good too , though not quite as clear and perfect,  i reckon atm coriander would be my fav non purple colour,
and finally i think we need a new stitchers group, the restless stitchers.. a lot of you seem to be good candidates for core membership!


6 responses to “general chat

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the scarf, it’s such an easy pattern, feel free to share it if anybody wants it. I snaffled it from a very old vogue knitting mag, where it was used for a shawl knitted on huge needles.
    Glad you are feeling better, the winter flu’s and blues seem to be rampant at the moment.

  2. Eep. It is a very nice quaker. I like the idea that it can be personalised.

  3. Fudgey..I also joined the Quaker sal..waiting to hear from martina on what my bill will be (just having her personalize the center motif with my initials (remember? they are the same as yours! :)..anyway it looks like a fun stitch! (and I needed more stash..right?!) I also would love to see your scarf…I love knitting scarves..That is a project I usually take when we travel or have appointments. Did you say what color you are doing your repro chart in? Raspberries? Hugs…Judy

  4. I really hope you are feeling better. I too am in the restless club. I certainly dont need more projects, but I keep buying them. I think I need a finish big time. Glad to hear you signed up for the quaker sal, it’s such a pretty one, and such a bargin. ((((hugs))))

  5. pethairxstitcher

    A restless club….Oh can I join..Pleeeeeeze? (lol)
    Took a look at the quaker sal…lovely…good for you!

  6. Love the Quaker sampler. i considered buying the chart but didn’t do it. i have fallen in love with Quaker samplers and have bought several. i have Bright Spot Motifs ready to stitch but haven’t started it yet. looking forward to seeing your scarf.
    Restless club??? i would really love to be a member cos these days it seems restless is my middle name.
    glad you’ve had such quick service on your orders. it really helps to satisfy that instant gratification urge, huh?
    at least it does for me.
    hugs and here’s to better days…..

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