my tranquility sampler

hello everyone…I hope all my dear friends who have been sick, sad or feeling low are starting to feel a bit better , i have been terribley worried about so many of you.. we need some fairy magic sprinkled around i think, some really high powered stuff.

i went really well with this page of the sampler this week i finished it by about 9 o’clock on saturday night , about 26 hours after it was released, and there was sleeping, gyming , grocery shopping, dog walking and general fudgey like time wasting factored into that.
i really need football played every day of the week  or something i just seem to stitch faster when it is on.
the new purple motif i have started bemuses me, i can not work out what it is going to be at all.. usually i get what is happening when i have stitched that much of a motif, but not this time…
as usual there is a little picture , so i put some pretties in my blog, then there is a link to a bigger picture, cos i can not work out how to do clickable thumbs… sorry
tranq samp

The Bigger Picture
oh lok when i see the tiny picture i do get a sense of what that motif will be… cool.. don’t feel so dim now..
for the record the silks i have used so far from HDF are….
Nosegay 2105 and 2109 ( the darker purple i used this time)
Colonial teal
Azur 2441
Sea pinks 1351
Enchanter Rose 1323
Water Blue
Phlox 1335
another purple i have lost atm.. its in the bag SOMEWHERE.. lol
Rose Quartz
and just peeking out is velvet Midnight 2159
for the rest of the weekend i am doing a mini biscornu sal with Vicky.. i am of course making it as hard for myself as possible by stitching 1×1 on 36 count linen… i can not help myself it would seem..
if you read this Vicky chances of me getting both sides done seems remote so it will take me two sal blocks to do it.. sorry

I insanely signed up for another martina SAL , her Quaker one.. i will not be doing it like i am th tranquility one, that would be insane, i just oncve again could not pass up an 11 euros chart from her as they are usually over 20 euros… ( 11 euros works out to $18ish  AUD)
Especially as i am putting so much effort into sorting out my Jane Rees Sampler
i have ordered 40 and 48 ct legacy linens and some 55 count linen, one of them will be for the Jane rees sampler… but i need to test stitch to see what i can cope with.. the 40 ct i would assume will be 1×1 but the 48 and 55 count would be 1×2 i would guess, i doubt i will like the look of 1×1 on the 48 ct and i know i am not patient enough to try 1×1 on 55 count at the moment i am leaning towards Belle Soie or Gloriana silks as i think they are a bit thinner and i do not necesarily want the high gloss sheen of the HDF for it.. but colour wise i have no idea
i am thinking about kitting the quaker sal chart up with the 36 ct magnolia lakeside linen i have , and the new HDF Attar of Roses either monchrome using the 1235 or using the whole range
and this will make people chuckle.. i have been so bad this fornight i ended up with a dilemma .. do i order more silks etc from SB&B this weekend OR do my order to lush for more moisturiser and soaps ( oh no we are nearly out of soap!! i never thought i would reach the of my soap pile, but i think paul sits in the shower and eats it.. he goes through soap so quickly i think i will have to ban him from using it again) it is a real dilemma


4 responses to “my tranquility sampler

  1. I’m reading and no stress I don’t even no if I will finish one side this weekend … so little time to stitch adn so much indecision about what to stitch lol.

  2. I LUV your Tranquility sampler thus far, fudgey..It is looking very pretty..wonderful color choices! I haven’t decided what colors to use on my Quaker sal yet either..I might do the polychrome route and use some of my silks in my stash..I do like the rose colors you are thinking about! Decisions!(Your little fairy spreading faity dust is adorable!) And so..what did you end up ordering more LUSH products..or silks? Hugs

  3. Love your sampler. the colors are scrumptous.
    know what you mean by dilemmas. seems i’m always facing them in re to new starts. so many beautiful charts and sooooo little time.
    i’m with Judy soaps or silks?
    not an easy decision.
    have a beautiful day and thanks for the faery dust, it is needed.

  4. Fairy dust reached me and hope some fell on you too Fudgey ((((HUGS))))
    I love the way your sampler is comming together. One of these days I just might take the plunge and start one myself you Master enabler 🙂

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