couldn’t think of a mind blowing heading.. never do but i was particularly un inventive today.. sorry
i have been lazy i could scan my half a biscornu on the pretty purple fab stitched in eggplant belle soie.. but i haven’t..
bad fudgey…

actually i did start the second side though it was only 60 stitches.. so it doesn’t really count.
I also got stuck into Sharon’s RR yesterday.. i am being bad i decided to do the face, i always feel bad if i tak ea good bit.. but i know sharon is busting to see the head done, so really i am helping her…lol
of course it was me starting the section so it did not go without potential disaster.
for some unknown reason i got it into my head that the stuff already stitched was from the bottom of the chart… EVEN though it looked worng.. i could not work out how those bits related to the bottom and i was truly going to start stitching her head where the legs are…
and i wasted 10 mins trying to make sense of the chart . SIGH thankfully my brain resumed normal transmission and i turned it around.. guess what, it made sense then… sigh BLONDE BLONDE BLONDE though lately i have been giving blondes a bad name even.
As i said to sharon .. if i had stitched the whole thing uside down i would have discontected the internet and moved and changed my identity… i could not have faced another royal stuff up.. bet the rest of you are scared now when i get your RR’s….
Ihad a lovely parcel in the mail yesterday, Sonya sent me a piece of La crema opalescent 32 ct linen from Sugar maple fabs… if you ever want a really nice antiquey looking cream linen but still with some bling, i say go for it thankyou precious one {{{hugs}}} i think it would look good for Purple sampler ( the one from Ink circles).
I saw this the other day an dam rememebering to post it now..
Coq au pins how cute is that??
I am hoping some of my linen appears today i am literally bursting to test stitch some of the higher counts to see what it is like, AND i want to see what the legacy linen 40 ct is like to compare to newcastle linen ( zweigarts 40 ct) as so far IMO legacy linens are the best linens by far with graziano second and zweigart somewhere below those two ( except their cashel and dublin which i refuse to even put on a scale..they are so awful)
on that note i am freezing as it is STILL raining raining training so i am off to have a shower to warm up


3 responses to “hello

  1. That Coq au pins is gorgeous!! Love it!!

  2. Fudgey..can you tell us what Sharon’s Rr is that you are stitching the face on? The fabric sonya sent you sounds yummy (I haven’t decided on fabric yet for the purple and red Ink circles samplers..might have to take a look-see at that color.) so hard to believe you are having the cold temps in your area and we are at 100 here in las Vegas..stay warm, dear one. hugs

  3. sent a message but don’t see it yet. hmmmm…..

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