stuoid service provider.. my internet is back to its old tricks and driving me nutty..
i sort of threw a tantrum about it this morning…. and i don’t feel guilty at all, maybe something more proactive will be done now, yes i could find a new one myself, but i know then he would endlessly complain about it say we could have had a better deal at x, y or z so i want him to find the new service provider etc so he has no chance to moan about it…
and there is no chance for arguement on the issue ..
Hopefully this will post or i will have another grump!

below is my first half of the tribal biscornu stitched on 36 ct abracadabra from silkweavers using belle soie eggplant


next is my proof i can stitch 1×1 on 55 ct
the first itty bitty pic is the HDF 1×1 and 1×2 i didn;’t do 4 rows of the 1×1 cos it became obious very quickly that the hdf was too thick the second pic has gloriana stitched 1×1 and 1×2 the 1×1 was a bit tight , the 1×2 was really nice, ( it is the pale blue) the second one is using glissen gloss colourwash silk and that was perfect 1×1… the pain is they only do varigated and i am not sure i want variegated for the jane Rees sampler… yes i know i am actually considering it ….
55ct       55ctx2
i am testing the 48 ct at the moment …
i also love the 40 ct alba maxima from legacy and at some point i will test stitch that too, you would not know it was the same as zweigart 40 ct … newcastle linen in other words
So you can all sign me up for the loony bin.. i do not know why i am doing this insane thing but the challenge seems to great to ignore …


3 responses to “aaarrggghhhh

  1. Love the Tribal Biscornu, the colors are beautiful.
    don’t know how you’ve held your temper this long with your ip, i probably would have lost it a long time ago.
    as far as those high count fabs go, way out of my visual stitching capabilities. you are a very brave soul. your stitching is beautiful as always.

  2. And I thought that I was going to be ambitious doing a PTP on 40 count. I think 55 count may be a bit ambitious even for me. But you look as if you are doing a good job of it.
    I love the Biscornu that you are doing.

  3. that biscornu looks great! I love the fabric. Might have to get some myself 🙂 Sorry to hear of the ongoing ip troubles. Sounds like Paul needs a kick up the backside to hurry along his quest for a new one 🙂 Hope it all gets sorted soon.
    As for the over 1 stitching on 55ct.. well plainly you are insane 😀

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