10 pages down

……… yep hit the 10 pages mark which 2 full rows of pages in my tranq sampler
no new colours added this week, just finishing off other colours i suspect
as before there is a little picture for here and then a link to a big picture
tranq after 10 pages

Tranquillity sampler the Big Pic


4 responses to “10 pages down

  1. It’s looking wonderful, I just love the colours so far. Congratulations on 10 pages completed….

  2. Sharon’s right your colors are beautiful. you’ve gotten 10 pages done and i think that is smokin’.

  3. It’s beautiful and you have done an amazing job of keeping up to date with it too 🙂

  4. Stunning, absolutely stunning! I love the combination of colours you’ve chosen for this, I would have gone nuts trying to pick (which is why I’m not stitching mine until I have all the pages in front of me). I love how it’s taking shape so far, it’s a wonderful chart.

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