i got distracted….

sorry meant to post scarf pictures yesterday and got waylaid by mischief makers talking all things AMAP and such like..

more about that later…
anyways here is the scarf i knitted for paul’s work colleague as a farewell to her..
it is knitted with The Knittery 4ply wool cashmere blend in the Reds using a cool lace pattern supplied by Lindy.

My Attar of Roses collection arrived from vicky and they look gorgeous with the magnolia 36 ct so my quaker chart is sorted… not that i will stitch on it much but i am still happy i have it organised if you like rosey pinks you will love that range, sorry i can’t show you how they look together as i can’t scan skeins of floss successfully.. i tried.
my big excitement over the last few days is that the new colours for the Belle Soie silks came out and they are stunning sorry the only pictures i have of them at the moment are very small but you will get the idea. the ones getting me excited are Grape Juice, Rosebud, Blue lagoon, rouge, cranberry and moss  but especially Grape Juice
and be warned… seems the AMAP alpha 8 ground swell has started and i may well be swept up in it.. negotiations of the greatest intensity and enabling of the highst level has been taking place.. with one person even secretly stitching until i outed her… i may well out her here yet and show everyone her beautiful stitching and colour work… demon


3 responses to “i got distracted….

  1. The scarf looks yummy! 4ply wool cashmere! YUM! I like the lacey stitch. I’m sure Paul’s colleague will love it!Wonder if Lindy would share the pattern info?

  2. Love your scarf. that is a very pretty pattern too. love the color of yarn too.
    getting swept up in the ground swell????? lol.

  3. Pretty!
    I needs to buy me some yarn. yet more to add to my long list of purchasy bits. thank you for sharing the piccy it really is lovely.

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