so i finished this xstitch thing….

…. thought some of you might be interested…
the gaps are the beads, but i have done all i can do so I spose it counts as a finish.. and for the record, 2×2 on 40 ct linen ( cos i am crazy)

if you want to see a bigger picture you can go to this link… the scan is not great when i get back from launceston i will try again
I am going to launceston to house siit for the weekend..

my mum ran away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Aunty Doreen won a all expenses paid five star resort 7 day holiday in Fiji by making one phone call to a Great Outdoors competition …and being my darling Aunty Doreen she decided mum could be the second person.. Mum has always been the rock in the family of 7 brothers and sisters even though she is the second youngest, everyone goes to her for dispute settlements , when they are sick ( as do my cousins) relationship problems etcetcetc.. and as time has gone on they have all started slowly returning the favour as mum is a widow on an invalids pension and no savings ( my dad was not a good person) so she is off on her trip of a lifetime and she was very excited before she left.. i paid her ticket to melbourne , my sister paid the ticket back,, and we have been showering her with money and assorted “necessities” .. she had a night in melbourne with Aunty D and they went out to dinner ( my shout) and then to Menopause the Musical,….. she texted me and said she was dancing on the stage… sigh ..thats my mum ,
so i am off to nab my nephews for a day tomorrow and go spoil them rotten..

in other news i tracked down a copy of my favorite needle print chart and it is on its way , it is not one of the ackworth ones it is the Beatrix Potter Quaker you need to scroll down towards the bottom… luckily the companion does not interest me.. i just really like this one.. i also like the M quertier a bit below it maybe one day i will add that to the collection
i was a bit hesitant ordering from a site i know little about, but i know gigi from numerous BB’s and she seems adorable so i decided it would be ok, and it has taken 10 days to the postage stage, but that is fine.. they needed to find out how much it cost to post to tasmania.. strangely they did not have a lot of customers from
i have lots of other cool links but i need to finish packing so i had better stop..

oh i forgot to say after my next rotation in Kerry’s model i will be starting
Lady in the Meadow QS as my next model , and this will be for Michele’s office she is already kitted and the colours are amazing looks like a forest floor in autumn, or the notofagus in autumn at crater lake which is near Cradle mountain.. anyway i have never stitched a palette like it before


7 responses to “so i finished this xstitch thing….

  1. Hooray! Hooray! CONGRATULATIONS!!! She looks fabulous. Of course she’s a finish – does it feel good? Will you be sad or relieved to say goodbye to her?

    Love the Beatrix Potter Quaker. I got it for my birthday and it’s all kitted with fabric from Vicky ready to start (goodness knows when!)

    Love the Lady in the Meadow QS too. Another thing I want to do one day 🙂

  2. Congrats on the finish Fudgey. She looks great even without the beads and of..she is a finish for you.
    Hope you Mum has a great time, and you have fun with the little nippers.
    What fabric are you going to do Lady in the Meadow.

  3. Fudgey-
    Elania is just stunning! You did just fabulous work, and although I know you said on the board you were ready to send her off, I can’t imagine losing such a labor of love.

    Can’t wait to see your updates of Lady in the Meadow.

  4. Fudgey..Elenia is beautiful..magnificent! Your Mother sounds like a wonderful lady..hope she has a great vacation! I would love to see the menopause play..I surely could identify with it!! Have a fun time with your nephews and don’t spoil them too much! Lady of the Meadow is very serene and calming looking.and lovely colors in it! Looks like a forest floor in oregon! Beatrix potter sampler is have got me hooked on samplers! (I did them years ago and now I am loving them once again!) Take care, dear one! Hugs.

  5. pethairxstitcher

    Lovely blonde! what can i say that has not already been said, she is just breathtaking! congratulations on a job well done, and now you are starting another blonde! with lots of green too…(wonder if this is a new trend for you?) I have to admit that I love her too, have my eye on the full version – one day – grin.
    Great news for your mom too, I know she will adore her trip and you all have done everything to make it memorable {hug} she will have lots to tell.
    I know you are having a blast with your nephews. enjoy.

  6. She is stunning, you have done a wonderful job on her. I hope that you enjoyed your day with your nephews and that your Mum is having a really great time. *HUGS*

  7. Elenia is soooo beautiful. your work is as always beautiful as well. congratulations on your BIG finish.
    i am so happy for your mom. what a wonderful experience for her. you and you sister are so kind and thoughtful to help her out and add to make her trip even more fantastic. (an aside, my dd’s middle name is Doreen.)
    love the Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler and a couple more on the site. sigh…..
    i too have been looking very hard at the full version of Lady in the Meadow, she is one of my favs of k. craft. can hardly wait for the first pics of your model.

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