ramblings for the beginning of the week

and my trip to launceston…

 So whilst i was away , Kerry released 4 new charts.. i knew she would tease me like that..lol
she has a lovely new SPML with a real fairytale feel to it Presentation
then there is a sweet Nicole Cadet… Manners are Everything ( know a few people who need this chart lol)
a Lovely Christy Babrick chart ( you should check out all her art) Cycle of EnchantmentVI
and a new Kort Kramer a handsome Kestrel Optomistic

i think the Christy Babrick one is my fav of those .. and i am serious check out her website, she has some gorgeous art epilogue  or Art wanted 
this is one of my favs… Scattering the Stars and THIS Nature

I didn’t have a lot of success stitching at my mums place i just could not get comfortable… i truly can not believe i ever stitched without my chair and lowery stand.. i got about 1/3 of m tranq sampler done and that was it for about 6 hours stitching.. not at all happy about that i must say
The boys had a great day.. Mossy could not stop smiling ( big effort on our part as he he is a serious little soul) they ate yummy food, road on model trains, had pony rides, bought art supplies ( they both love drawing ) hadd a big walk in the bush with the dog, and had lots of cuddles .. so a successful day all round

There will be no knitting from me until summer.. i tried knitting in the car and my chilblians were so bad from the friction of the wool… which was super soft, that i eneded up with a row of blood blisters on my pointer finger… not good.. so all wool will be packed away until my hands warm up again… maybe October ..lol
Vicki Clayton has released the most delicious coloured silks in recent days.. two almost black purples  Exampler Black Iris  and Winterberry 1435 and some amazing pinks i love my attar of roses pinks which arrived last week, but i think the Rose Quartz series is pretty awesome too i knowi will be ordering at least 2 of each skein , then roaming around trying to find the ideal sampler… a thought.. scary i know… wonder how the second chance sampler.. aka Purple sampler from ink circles would look in that series…. though i am sure there will be a lot more samplers released before i ever start. I also think there is a place in my tranq sampler for some of the Pink Pearls
martina Dey released a heart based Quaker sampler In Love with Quakers.. AND she is having a sale from july 1 to 8th on all samplers over 20 euros also if you go to the news page she has a new heart band sampler freebie, it is a mega file so takes a while to down load but tis worth it IMO
finally one of my favourite artists Michele Lee Phelan and a dear cyber friend has over hauled her Art of Faery website.. she has decided to do prints of all her ACEO’s and OSWOA style art work and use the site for that…

of course i spent money , can’t help myself i bought a LE print of Gothic Moon… what i would give to stitch her!! and prints of two of my all time favs.. Claimed by the Dragon and The cat…
i will be buying The White , The damsel Fly, Lady of the Waters, The Drakven, Bridgid’s fairytale, Morrighan, Portrait of a Faery Queen definately in the coming months to add to my collection…
yes i am a big fan.. it is so cool that my two most fav artists are Australian….
i am off to see if i can find some chocolate hidden in a cupboard..


5 responses to “ramblings for the beginning of the week

  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with the new Vicky Clayton silks. And I really like Gothic Moon and I would like to see her charted too. *HUGS*

  2. pethairxstitcher

    See, I knew you were the best auntie yet! i am certain you had loads of fun as well….I must not look at new floss or charts but I did peek at some lovely art…Music of the Dawn is still my fav. (wonder why???) and I definately also love My pretty blues. the title alone should get Sue grinning.
    hugs and sorry you could not get more stitching in but then you had 2 men to entertain….grin

  3. So sorry to hear about the chillblains. (((((()))))))))). sure hope they go away very soon.
    sounds as though the young men in your life had a wonderful time with Auntie. what special times to cherish.
    hope you can get those prints you are lusting after. take good care of yourself.
    more hugs,

  4. Awesome Aunties are the best… and how could you be anything but totally awesome?

    I’m sending some hot tropical weather your way to soothe those chillblains… take care! **HUGS**

  5. You are a wonderful auntie! Glad you had a good visit with the younguns even though you didn’t get much stitching in..sorry about the chilblains, it is so hard to fathom that you are having the cold weather now while here in Las Vegas we are in the 100 + degrees now as paula would attest to! I absolutely am loving the vikki pinks (all 3 of the different series you mentioned) How come I hadn’t noticed them before when I drool over her site all the time?! Sending you lots of hugs..take care dear one.

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