chocolate fairy has been visiting

the chocolate fairy is a lovely creature, she comes in many forms..

she managed to morph into a Victorian ( as in the state not the era) fairy and send me caramel and nougat bars from Haigh ( she also doubled as the silk fairy that time and sent silks…which was a bit cheeky) and then today she morphed into a Queensland Fairy snd sent me dark choc caramels.. from you guessed it Haigh… the chocolate fairy has excellent taste btw… and a block of emergency chocolate…
so thankyou precious chocolate fairy ( fairies) i really appreciate how well you all look after me! I also have more jelly belly’s now so i am set for the winter !

I know i owe pictures.. i owe my Sugar Magnolia wip update after the SAl and i started lady in the meadow… but apathy has grabbed me again and i can’t sem to remember to carry them in to the scanner.. hopeless i know

I think it is the CC sal this weekend i have lost count of weekends..

I will be sttiching my CC model.. i hope some others join me


6 responses to “chocolate fairy has been visiting

  1. Sweets! Yummmmmmo!

    You tease, you, not mentioning what silks you got! Hmph!

    And yes, it is time for our CC SAL… and since you’ve not smacked me, you’ve not read the boards there recently. *looks innocent*

  2. What wonderful fairies to send you chocs and jelly bellies. it so helps all things look brighter.
    will be joining you on the CC sal with Maiden of Mayfest.
    hope you’re feeling a lot better.

  3. pethairxstitcher

    Heavenly delights! what wonderful fairies you have who take such good care of you…helps keep the spirits up on those miserable days.
    You will not be alone for the SAL…I have my lunar fey out too!
    Sue…now why would our poor sweet fudgy want to smack you??? (innocent looks)

  4. I wouls love to join in on the CC SAL but this weekend is going to see me away from home for most of it 😦
    I am so far behind in all my stitching. I will get back to hermit eventually though…. Or start the lovers :p

  5. What a wonderful fairy, a chocolate fairy.
    But you don’t mention what silks you got. Is this just to keep us in suspence?

  6. The chocs sound sooo yummy! and jelly bellies..don’t get me the buttered popcorn one and raspberry, and peach…:)
    what silks did you tell us now…yes, post some pics of sugar magnolia and Lady in the meadow. hugs

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