really i am ok

i am starting to worry..
everyone keeps emailing me and asking me if i am ok ..
honest i am.. i just don’t have much to say right now either here, or on the BB and i feel silly emailling people and saying… well nothing really
it is too cold to hang out in the room with the computer too much.. we do have a new heater in here but it stinks so i don’t like turning it on ( i know it will improve it needs to run for a few days but the smell bothers me so ….. i have no solution)
So anyway i am stitching more.. i think..

or frogging more if yesterday is anything to go by.. you have no idea how @#$&#$ i was by the end of yesterday.. i got a real block about the big motif i stitched on my tranq sampler and not one bit of it is stitched once.. i frogged every part of it at least once, some parts 4 times, and at 10 last night i frogged half of it again… i was so grumpy this morning, but i knew i had to fix it al before stitching anything else this week..

there is still a mini error in the pink motif i found whilst fighting with the blue motif… it can stay there until i stitch the next row of pages…
the blue is actually from the velvet midnight series, the pink is one of the phlox colours


if you want to see a bigger picture.. here is the LINK 

next we have Sugar Magnolia
i only got about 4 hours on her as i was away for most of the SAL…
i did some of her hair around her neck/jaw line


and finally i started Lady in a Meadow QS model for wednsday SAL .. i snuck a picture in the sal thread but only a few people saw it .. when i sent them there so here is my pathetic

she is done on 28 ct jobelan as per michele’s request


for any southern hemisphere girls … needle little love is a new ons open in singapore… one she has a 20% off sale until the end of the month, but two the singapore dollar is weaker than the AUD and a lot weaker than the USd.. and she has some AMAP charts etc..
i have been chatting to her via email and the new belle soie colours are due by the end of the week hopefully anyway i suggest you check it out!
charts i like atm..

Faith Hope Love by the workbasket
Margaret Beemsterboer’s sampler of Motifs from Needleprint

and chart i own chipping away at my brain this week is the Beatrix Potter sampler i that arrived.. ( 5 days form europe so fast.. what is Australia posts excuse??) see earlier post for link of the chart

Mum arrived back safe and sound from Fiji.. she had a wonderful time and is in love with scuba diving a somewhat extreme sport in tassie with cold water and sharks etc.. but we do have underwater kelp forests/leafy seadragons /sea dragons/sea horses etc … but apparently way warmer and clearer in she said the whole island smelt of flowers and sandelwood… and was very intoxicating ..

funniest thing .. she got so drunk drinking a cocktail .. that she sent me a text message and does not remember doing so.. in it it said.. am drinking a cocktail.. arms are too heavy to lift it up…. lol
the island is covered in orchids too apparently… thats a nice image i have in my head..

so anyway.. stop making me worry everyone!!!!


4 responses to “really i am ok

  1. Woops didn’t mean to make you worry… sorries.
    But the updates are all funky. Sugar is coming along so well. I will have to make up time on Return of spring after being away for the SAL.

  2. Ooh Sugar Magnolia is just beautiful!

    Faith love hope grabbed me too. I think you know my taste pretty well now not to be too surprised!!

    I grabbed some Belle Soie from Needle little love last week and she was fantastic (I’ll have to go a second time around and have a look at the AMAP). I made Joel fondle my silks and he liked them too.

  3. Yes well I just have these feelings once in a while and have to act on them… besides friends have to worry about other friends or who else will do the job…a heavy load to carry and it needs to be shared -grin. Seeing that you have posted a fairly readable post tells me are are doing better (evil grin)
    I keep looking at the button of a nose on Magnolia and get stuck there, it is like a magnet…pulls me in. she is too cute! You made a good start on the Lady too and of course the sampler….well what can one say except it is so very rich!
    Great to hear that your Mom is back and had a super time….there will be stories galore to tell.
    hugs dear one

  4. first of all, i absolutely refuse to quit worrying about you when you need to be worried about. i’m stubborn. giggle
    glad you’re getting lots of stitching time but “Go AWAY Frogs”.
    love sweet Magnolia, have always thought her face was so lovable. you’re doing good on her. as for your sampler, it’s beautiful even if it’s giving you frogging fits. thanks for sharing the links
    so happy for your Mom and her beautiful vacation. it sounds sooo yummy right now.
    saw your start on QS Lady in the Meadow and you know what bad thing i did afterwards. lol.
    can’t have you sitting in a cold room so write when you can do so without freezing.
    many hugs,

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