just checking in..lol

i thought about waiting till i had a pic of my progress after the wednesday QS sal of Lady in the meadow, but hey it means i have another post for tomorrow.. i might even show you my miniscule amount of the Personalised quaker chart , which i did not get personalised , butthe Attar of Roses flossies stitch up wonderfully annd i am sure it is worthy of viewing just for that… and the 36 ct magnolia linen is very pretty too.

I got some glorious stash from Dinky dyes the other day i ordered silkies in their sale.. i must say if you like strong vibrant colours i really think you should consider some Colourstreams Poppy silken threads … it is the most gorgeous varigated red and until you have seen the silken threads you do not know how truly beautiful they are , their sheen and twist are wonderful the chart pic shows it a bit better.. think i need to check out Monet next
I came a cross a new australian artist the other day , i have some aceo’s coming.. i was playing on etsy as i do sometimes, and as i always say , thanky goodness mostof the soap and hand dyed wool sellers will not post over seas.. it saves me a LOT of money, anyway i digress a word of warning it is not my usual style, but there is something about her work that makes me feel good.. anyway i got three aceo’s and then she told me to choose a mandala card of my choice..  and i discovered some australian ones.. so be warned OS girls , some of you might end up with australian mandala cards at some point
Serpent Mandala  i bought Fishing, Sea Maid and Owl and Pussy cat ( of course) and then chose the ocean mandala as my pressie…
I am having a terrible time deciding what to stitch for the fairy day SAL…
initially i thought Love Notes or Maggie, but then i really would like to do some more on pale Rose… OR i thought sneaking in more time on Sugar would be really cool.. i would love to fifnish her this year as part of the whole 1 year SAL…
and then of course there is the temptation of new starts…

Vicky sent me a lovely sneak peak of a fairy face she is stitching for the RR… and that got me wanting to start Keeper of Secrets again…. she is so pale and delicious…. and just looking at the charts.. also i can not believe there are no wips of Littlest fairy i could not link Keeper of secrets.. she is MIA on the website.. i emailled bob to let him know…

enough of my prattle


9 responses to “just checking in..lol

  1. Monet is lovely I picked up a few skeins of it at the Crewel Gobelin and I think Nic and I sent soem to Sue at some point… brain is finding it hard to remember though.
    I think I will stitch Violet for the SAL but then Belladonna is screaming because she hasn’t gotten any attention in so very very long.
    I was going to suggest which wip you should pull out for the SAL but now I am all conflicted becasue I want to see more progress on all your lovelies 😛 so I am no help at all.

  2. I don’t which one to suggest either, which ever one is screaming at you the most.
    I really like the art work that you have linked, and the cards that you chose were really nice.
    I hope that it warms up for you soon *HUGS*

  3. I’m currently stitching a Dessins chart in Monet silk,
    it’s a stunning colour and wonderful to stitch with.
    I will share a photo when it’s finishe, in the next week or so!!

  4. i am starting to feel like the only aussie girl who does not have a skein of Monet in her stash or has not seen it IRL..
    hmmm i am feeling left out.. might need to buy some just cos..
    Lindy i am excitred to here we will see a finished xstitch pic soon!!

  5. gulp….sorry possum, even I have Monet in my stash… but nothing compares to you know what! I’m too scared to mention it now, I think I’m going to be in big trouble soon….LOL

  6. STOP IT sharon..
    teasing me is not fair..
    i am seriously thinking about throwing a tantrum..
    i want my Black Iris .. I want it NOW..
    i am insanely thinking it would be good for my Beatrix Potter sampler.. totally out of left field…
    IF i ever get my parcel… meany

  7. WOW..I love all those colors of silk..what is a girl to do? Such pretty colors! Wonder where they sell them here in the states so I can try some.(and how much do they cost per skein and how much is in each skein?) Would love to see work on all the wips you mentioned..they are all wonderful works, so I am no help as to which one to work on….lovely discovery of new aceos…take care dear one..hugs

  8. I found some of the colourstream silks in Canada at KDS fibres & textiles : http://kdsfibres.tripod.com/ for those of you in N.A. never found any in the USA however. Lovely silks and so many colours. Have not tried them yet but they look yummy.
    You are such a great enabler my dear; too good! (grin)

  9. Really like the Etsy artwork. needless to say my favs are Owl and Pussycat and the Lioness series.

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