picture updates

well if that was the weekend… not a lot happened.. lol
i stitched a fair bit but didn’t do as much as i intended, i sort of had a weird discombobulated , kept on finding myself drifting off sort of weekend.
i finally decided to work on the background in Maggie for the SAl after i finished my Tranq Mystery sampler which took way longer than it should have cos i kept changing my mind about the colours for the centre circle bit and the motif in the middle of that, i frogged 4 different colour combos and technically i am still not happy but i am not going there again
so here is my sampler to date … no new colours this time as i have used these colours before, the purple is the nosegay one from the end of the first row and the yellow is the same yellow i have used through out 


also here is the latest picture of my Lady in the Meadow QS model
the yellow is the start of her sleeve, there is a lot of yellow/mustard/greeny yellows and olives in this chart


I also completed the Model Kerry needed to the point she had requested i reach … but i can not show you a picture yet..
maybe next week or the week after or maybe the month after, not sure really…

in closing today i just want to mention 2 things.. firstly, a sad state of affairs for one of my fav australian animals, the pygmy possum, check this link ( i hope it works) … how cute is the little tacker and how sad they have diminshed to these numbers

and only Lindy will get this i believe…
Go the Saints.. Paul was stunned when i tipped them to win yesterday in the tipping comp… as i told him only a true supporter keeps the faith and tips their team… he tips against his team all the time… But i knew they could do it ( true at the start of the forth quarter my faith was wavering)

3 responses to “picture updates

  1. Ahhh, the Saints …….
    I’m still in shock,
    did they really do it??

  2. Your mystery sampler is very pretty. great colors.
    love the colors in Lady in the Meadow. i’m starting the large version and the colors are really very pretty. i’m so used to blacks, blues and pinks it’s a pleasant change. what you’ve done looks great.
    Last week saw 2 documentaries on Tasmania’s wildlife. Saw the pygmy possum and got to see those lovable wombats. They are now in my top animal loves. they just beg to be picked up and be hugged.
    your wildlife there is absolutely awesome!!!

  3. pethairxstitcher

    They are so loveable (the possums that is) I do hope that these researchers will succeed in their experiment.
    You Sampler looks better with every update! The colours remind me of a beery field! giggle.

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