Rethinking my lists

so i decided it was time to re evaluate what i want to stitch for sure ..
not my what stash i want type list, as we know i collect stash…. weird hobby , but we all suffer from it i think
i mean my stitch before i die lists
and anyway it is fun to reflect on whether tastes have changed or whether favourites have moved on to just moderate favourites.
So starting with samplers

Samplers x 12
Tranquillity Sampler.. Martina Dey.. started and going strong
Patchwork Sampler …Houtman.. started
Cirques des Cercles…. InkCircles… started
Jane Rees… Scarlet letter… i have fab, can’t decide on silk
Second Chances aka purple sampler…. Ink Circles… kitted!! ( i know surprise)
Beatrix Potter … needleprint…. kitted….( i know another surprise)
PersonalQuaker .. Martina Dey… started ..( see i have all sorts of secrets)
New Beginnings… Abbey lane designs.. do not even have the chart…eyeroll
Garden Stars .. InkCircles… have the chart..its a start
AMAP alphabet 8 … don’t go there….
rainbow band sampler …Houtman… started collecting floss , have fab
Persanne ..   AMAP … restarting with belle soie silks at some point

HAED charts x 15
( not including ones already started.. i am such a cheat)
Leaf … fenech
 Luna  Fenech
Loves Me Not .. fenech
Littlest fairy Qs … fenech
Pink Braid Mermaid.. Cox
Curley Tailed Rosey .. Rodrigue
Harmony … Kuik ( would change if peony or red poppy charted)
BlueBerries and Cream… JBG
A chart not released yet .. JBG
Wisterious … Lisa Steinke
Marshmellow Dragon .. lisa Victoria .. unless Dragon Luck is charted
Black Pearls … Lisa Victoria
SweetPea Fae … tate ( unless tropical dream mermaid is charted)
Red Dream Angel … Sara Butcher

Indigo… fenech… yes i know it is not charted yet

 Character Creations and other charts

Birch fairy… carol Covey
Belle … Abranda Sisson
Celtic Rose …. Abranda
My Hearts Choice … Abranda
Dark Elf … Nicole Cadet
The White Lady … Nicole Cadet
Violet Wings … Nicole cadet

Lady Scarletts Secret garden  i have and am just waiting on silks from hdf
Peacock Stitching Chair    can you belive i still don’t have it!!
Blackwork Footwork Fob  1/2 stitched
Celtic Pincushion 
Elizabethan night cap pincushion
Illustrative Blackwork fantasy

you do know i could list another 100 charts right??


8 responses to “Rethinking my lists

  1. I will keep quiet…… it’s quite a list!!!

  2. That’s quite a list. Glad to see you plan on living a loooooong time 😛

  3. It’s an impressive list,
    are you planning to live to 793,
    in an attempt to finish these ???????

    LOL, yes, I’m rolling around on the floor laughing, but, I’m doing it with love.

  4. pethairxstitcher

    I am being good…did not look at ANY of your inks (but then I do not have too…) just ready 2 of your listed sampler charts has got me drooling and scheming all over again…Noooooooooooooooooo! I have enough….help! (sound of footseps receding into the distance)

  5. Fudgey..your list is are still so young (40)! My list is much worse and I am way older (60)! I say we need to find the fountain of youth! lol I do love all your choices..alot of the same ones are on my list..gee, I wonder why? (You enabler you!) 😉


  6. Oh Fudgey, you are so organized. i don’t dare do a list (book?). needless to say some on yours are on mine. especially those samplers and blackwork. you have gotten me in so much trouble with those beautiful choices you’ve made.
    your stitching is so beautiful and you’ve gotten so much done. don’t know how you do it with all the bb and models you stitch.

  7. You’ve kitted up purple sampler, Yay. Did you use Carries, Vikki’s or a combo of both for the fibers. I love lists. I dont like to do them, I love to read them. lol. Yours is wonderful. Wonderful collections of charts. I would looove to see you start Leaf. Or the kuik one. Just my humble opinion. I know your plate can handle one more project, right? LOL!!!

  8. I don’t mean to be picky but the link for Blueberries and Cream is worng, I was trying to see if it was the one that I liked and it takes you to a Molly Harrison QS.
    And I think that we could all list about 100+ projects that we could do, not including all the ones that we have ready to do, LOL.

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