…. I can show you all what i have been stitching when it seems like i am doing nothing…
Alternative weeks to Elenia i was stitching Eyes Full Of Wings for Character Creations ( and another model as well but no pics of her yet)..true she is not finished  ( insert blush emote) but heaps of her is now done and kerry has published the chart…
The artist is Jessica  Palmer and i love her work….. The three Kerry has released are stunning especially IMO Soul and Intellect , and i have to say Stream God is the best male art image i have seen in a while, though he is pretty scary looking!!!
i love jessica’s work as i said an i am keeping my fingers crossed a few more of her pieces appear in the Future, especially Wings and Runes , All in Green and Going To the Mayfair
her link with nature is really evident in all her work, and if you read her site and blog ( link on the site) you will see why

Anyway i love stitching Eyes, and i must say it is the very bestest stitching i have ever done personally and as you can see kerry’s charting is great i love how the bird looks in the picture… i will potter away and finish her whilst working on the other model, as well as the HAEd model…


and if you want a big picture.. Eyes Full of Wings
now i had better try and get some more stitches in Aredhel’s hair.. how many shades of pale pink do DMC make… well i am finding out atm…
oh and horror of all horrors i got so carsick today to and from launceston i can not even look at my latest Haighs stash… spose it will last longer that way!


10 responses to “Finally…..

  1. Oh sweetie, now thats a bummer (((HUGS))) your Haighs stash will be there for you tomorrow.
    Love Eyes Full of Wings. what a stunning piece..both stitching and pattern. 🙂

  2. eyes full of wings is amazing Fudgey!! Just beautiful.

  3. She looks amazing! Such fabulous colours. Great charting by Kerry too 🙂

    Sorry you got so carsick 😦 Hope you’re better now 🙂

  4. What a wonderful surprise when I click on your post in headless stitching and I see your stitching you have done for Kerry. It really knocked my socks Off! Very lovely and neat stitching, not to mention a gorgeous piece. Sorry to hear about the carsickness, that can be the worst! ((((hugs)))) Nance

  5. pethairxstitcher

    Now that has got to be the worst type of carsickness…not being able to eat any of those yummies…You will just have to make the ultimate sacrifice and eat more when you feel better to make up for the lack there of.
    Now…for your CC stitching…I opened up the CC link first so saw all the lovelies…I nearly fell off my seat when i saw Eyes full of wings! and your piece beside it…knew it had to be you cause it is stitched so wonderfully!
    What a joy to stitch…this new artist is going to be one of my favourites I think….(off to oogle the site again)

  6. She’s beautiful, such lovely stitching. hope you feel better real soon.

  7. *hugs* carsick is evil, evil,evil.

    As for your beautiful lady well she is amazing as everyone has already said. You have outdone yourself with your beautiful stitching on this one. congrats!

  8. growing up in NZ with very twisty roads I know all about the evils of carsickness. Hope you feel better. Hugs.

    Your stitching is of course beautiful. And I look forward to seeing what other project you have up your sleeve.

    Oh and I am so with you on wings and runes.

  9. She looks stunning, and I am sure that it won’t take you long to finish her.

  10. Fudgey..she is a beauty! Love the colors in this one. You sure get alot accomplished in your stitching. Sorry about the carsickness..that is the yukkiest feeling. take care..hugs

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