posting some pictures..

 before i start my post about my pics.. some of you make me laugh..
my list is totally unobtainable .. i know that..
i make the lists to stop myself from starting things…
and so if i do start something i do not make a rash decision.. well too rash a decision.

i know i will never sttich a 100th of what i want to…
oh and GO SAINTS!!!!
normal transmission will start now!

Some more pictures for you, not that they show much progress..
i have been pottering a bit this week i must admit
anyway here is Maggie, with a bit more hair/background/shoulder/chin done
just to rfresh peoples memories, she is done on 28 ct jobelan 1×1


next is the playing i have been doing with the Attar of Roses silks from hdf, there are actually 8 in the range and i will use all 8 in the quaker sal sampler from Martina Dey, obviously i am not sal’ing this one as well as tranq , i would have a melt down.. but here is my meagre effort so far,


it is stitched 1×1 on 36 ct magnolia linen

next up is Tranquillity Sampler..

i whizzed through it this week, had it done in time to get a few hours of Aredhel done tonight ( saturday night)
i add in more of the yummy heartbreak blue, and also went with a really pale one for a bit of a change, using the Nile Blue 2419 , next weeks page is the short page to finish the row..


 HERE is the link if you want to see the big image

i am off tomorrow to see my mum and hear about her adventures in fiji and collect my haighs stash from her.. and take the boys for a picnic, if it does not rain…


8 responses to “posting some pictures..

  1. WOO HOO

  2. Maggie is looking adorable! Love the Attar of roses series (must-Have them!!) Your Tran. looks busy little bee, you! Enjoy your visit with your Mum and uhh, yummy chocs…and a picnic? sounds like a fun trip! (we are getting ready for 4th of July holiday here in the states! hugs

  3. Maggie, sweet Maggie! How cute you are!!

    Your sampler is looking gorgeous!!

    Attar of Roses would look nice on AMAP8… *looks innocent and backs out quietly*

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Maggie! (swoons, there is the sound of a thud and then silence)

  5. 1 over 1 on 36 ct. I’m impressed. I love the look of magnolia. But you know how I feel about that fab. *grin* We have a good relationship. lol. All your stitching is awsome as always. I adore maggie. (((hugs))) Nance

  6. Maggie! so much beautiful stitching… you haev been busy 😀

  7. Maggie is gorgeous! I’ve obviously not been keeping up because this is the first pic I have seen with two eyes. Very pretty.

    The alter of roses series looks great, especially the darker ones (of course, as they are less pink 😉 ) but I still think you are insane for stitching over one on 36ct 🙂

  8. soolaryispono

    Hello, My first health blog here

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