oops i forgot to blog

i seemed to driuft off there for a while..
i forgot to do question of the day for nearly a week too..
i do that just forget where i am and what i am doing , quite regularly it would seem
problem is i think too  much so routine stuff gets crammed into a little box in my head and ignored whilst i go off on a fantastical journey in my mind… has something to do with avoiding reality i think
i have pictures of Aredhel and Lady in the Meadow to share..
i am loving Lady in the Meadow QS i actually struggle to put her down.. not sure why , not really my type of xstitch at all… a little secret i really do not go for Kinuko craft, amoreno, wall, Steve roberts, christensen, bowser etc not my sort of art at all… each has like 2 artworks i really like but i never have a desire to stitch them for myself…BUT i adore stitching LITM so….go figure

you can see the red flower nearly finished and her arm and shoulder are taking shape
i had to frog a big chunk of background and re stitch it which annoyed me no end.. how can 1 silly stitch make such a mess… but we all know how that feels
the next in show and tell is my Aredhel, we had another fifth weekend sal of our potts?daniels charts and i continued to slog away on that long pale pink hair with 100 diferent pale pink and cream shades in it.. ok i know i have been told millions and millions of times not to exaggerate  but there are a lot .. trust me

 both pics are 1×1 on 28 ct jobelan

hopefully i can post a pic of tranquility sampler tomorrow.. the chart was released really late in the evening so i did not get my usual friday night stitch fest of the sampler in , if i had i would have a picture now… pout

then once i am done with tranq for the weekend i get to…

wait for it….

start INDIGO!!!!!!! i was going to link the haed site image, but it has the watermark across her mouth so you can not see how pretty she is, and besides then you can go for a wander around Selina’s website for fun i actually even have a fair few of the dmc’s which is cool
i won’t get much done.. life gets in the way, but i can pretend for a while i guess


6 responses to “oops i forgot to blog

  1. WOW fudgey! you have been a busy bee! Looks like you have gotten alot done on both Aredehl and LITM (I did get floss for her at Joann’s this week!) Indigo is beautiful..those eyes! the purples! what can I say? will be anxious to see a pic of your wip of her..will live vicariously through you… hugs..

  2. Aaah, beautiful WIP piccies! I also picked up Indigo, she’s just too beautiful not to have.

  3. LITM looks great so far – I can understand why she’s so enjoyable to do. Very appealing somehow 🙂

  4. Love what you gotten done in both wips. Lady is so beautiful. haven’t stitched any on her, need to get back to it. but as you say, life keeps geting in the way. looking forward to your Tranquility update.

  5. Love what you have done on these so far and definitely looking forward to seeing more.

    And who said there was anything wrong with exaggeration! 😉

  6. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of Indigo as you work on her. You never know after seeing your work she may be added to my ever growing wish list.

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