Page 15 is done and dusted

Given i was being bugged this morning about why i had not posted her here i spose i had better rectify the situation
here endth row three well actually i did not do about 10 stitches cos i really need to know more about a new motif before i commit a colour to it


or if you would prefer a bigger picture

so a new row starts next week


4 responses to “Page 15 is done and dusted

  1. Wow, look at all the pretties I’ve missed out on recently! Tranquility is stunning as always and I just drool over the colours in the Kinuko QS, yummy! And I see Aredhel has hair now, last time I saw her she was just head. Very pretty JM, I love all your stitching. Now I will impatiently sit back and wait for pretties of Indigo. šŸ™‚

  2. I guess I should put my hand up and admit it was I who bugged you for a pic….. but WOW! I’m glad I did bug you. It’s looking gorgeous, I really am jealous.

  3. It’s beautiful. just keep loving those colors.

  4. Looks great! So what do you do about colours? Do you have a set of colours for the whole thing and then pick out certain ones for certain motifs, trying not to put the same one too close to each other. Or do you try and use a different colour for each motif? And what makes you choose one colour over another for a motif?

    Yes, I like asking weird, hard questions šŸ™‚

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