thought i would answer the question here

Nic asked a question..

Looks great! So what do you do about colours? Do you have a set of colours for the whole thing and then pick out certain ones for certain motifs, trying not to put the same one too close to each other. Or do you try and use a different colour for each motif? And what makes you choose one colour over another for a motif? Yes, I like asking weird, hard questions

so here is the answer…

 with this sampler i decided i wanted all HDF just .. well because..

once i had decided that i was doing that i had to decide what colour scheme and after spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at the combo packs vikki used to have i then went and looked at all the conversion packs she has on her site and i really liked Just nan’s Mermaid Heart Conversion  and when that arrived i used it as the base..
i quickly realised i needed an orange or a yellow to give it a lift and replace the natural in the pack , amazingly  the lager turned up just when i was ready to stitch the first crown, so i decided to do all the crowns”gold. I knew there were going to be a lot of motifs so what i then did was take each colour from the pack, i went through the site and tried to add at least a darker and a lighter from the colour group. I didn’t want to use a different colour for each motif as i would not have been able to stick to the same families.. the one time i have broken away from the colour groups i started with is adding in the Velvet midnight/ heartbreak blue group and that was because i needed a dark dark colour to balance it and then i needed a few shades to go  with it to keep my weird theme of 3 ish shades of each colour i used.. except the yellow.. which again makes it stand out as the only rogue colour to break up the colour pattern which i always think is essential as it stps the eye from just glossing over the piece
and there you have it…
it makes sense to me , but probably does not make sense to anyone else, i have done a reasonable amount of trial and error too to make sure the colours balance, i have stitched 30 stitches of a colour , stood on the other side of the room and gone blech, and frogged.. the turquoise band started of bright pink as an example of this

i think it is really important to step away from your work when winging it with colours so you get the big picture rather than your focus being narrowed..

I learnt that as a patchworker and helping the knitting designer i used to work with putting together colour packs for stitchers

so there you go Nic a complicated question topped by an even more complicated answer

i think the big challenge is going to be keeping the colour balance even in the last 2 and a bit rows and i am already hitting walls a few times

congrats anyone who made it to the end of the scary insight into the world of fudgeys brain..

i recommend chocolate, long walks and sleep to recover from the trauma

oh dear it looked a bit boring so here is a picture to brighten the post up!!
bettleand fudge


3 responses to “thought i would answer the question here

  1. It makes sense to me. It’s a lot of work tho. I am usually to much in a hurry to start to put all that much thought into it! It looks wonderful! So it was well worth it!
    Bettle and Fudgey are such cutie pies!

  2. Your method does make good sense. know what you mean about the quilting thingy as a former quilter. one of my favorite things was choosing color schemes. have to admit that i do not go to as much trouble as i should with my sampler colors but then i only have one with multiples so far and that is the Patchwork Sampler which i dearly love. for some reason Tranquility reminds me of it. can hardly wait to see your finished sampler.
    Beetle and Fudgey are such beauties. they are like positive and negative of each other. (a weird observation i know).

  3. wow, a post dedicated to me.. I feel so special 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to explain your thought processes and colour choices, especially as it looks like it took as long to explain as it did to work out the colours 😀

    Am definitely looking forward to seeing more of this progress now.

    And love the photo

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