latest Sampler Picture and so forth

hmmmm, been a bit quiet lately…

i trudged through my tranquility sampler page this weekend, i just could not get myself motivated to stitch at all… i wanted to stitch Sugar magnolia , which in theory means i should have breezed through my sampler piece, but it just did not happen that way at all for some reason
anyway here is the picture, i am not 100 % happy with that section colour wise but i wasted over an hour stressing about it and decided i think i can fix it in the next page with choosing a specific colour for what ever the next motif is there


here is the link if you want a bigger picture

No picture of Sugar yet i want to try and get a few hours of sparkle thread sttiching in, i filled in single sttiches for 3 hours last night and really it does not look as if i stitched anything ..
i made a momentous decision too, i am packing away all my other qs/sk until i have finished Sugar.. so i will work on her on wednesdays  as well as the monthly sal in a bid to finish her this year

My Belle soie from needle little Love arrived along with my heritage alphabet sampler ( AMAP) the faith Hope Love band from The Workbasket and ummm another chart… what was it… can you see me sitting here with the little cogs being turned in my head by hampsters as i try and remember the chart without getting out of my chair….
oh i know the summer SANQ with the col redwork pincushion thingy on the front cover…
anywa how lovely is Grape Juice IRL!!!! like YUM and rouge is a stunner as well, actually rosebud is pretty cool too..

but i love grape juice

I think my SBand B order has been lost it was supposedly posted on June 19th , my needle little love parcel took 4 days , nothing except a land mail package i had onec has taken more than 2 weeks to find its way to tassie, so i am not hopeful

and in closing an observation or two..
its sad when artists decide they do not want their work charted anymore… but it is not the fault of the designer in most cases, and definately not this time..
that artists reach a point in their careers when they think they can dictate what artists a licensing company will licence is unbelieveable, do they not remember  when they were emerging artists themselves hoping a company , any company would give them a chance..
well done HAED for sticking by emerging artists and not being bullied and no i am not saying that cos i am friends with management i am saying it cos i am friends with a lot of emerging artists and know their pain as they try and make it in the scary world of licensing, especially when there are some less than scrupulous people out there pretending to be their allies

RIP Jan Houtman master designer


8 responses to “latest Sampler Picture and so forth

  1. Well said on all counts…it’s been nagging at me all weekend, if it wasn’t for HAED promoting some of these artists, they wouldn’t be where they are today. Three cheers for emerging artists who deserve to be treated better by their peers…
    and…… I think your Tranq Sampler looks stunning as always!


  2. its been nagging me too sharon..

  3. At the risk of reading through the entire entry and just focusing on the last line, but did Jan Houtman pass away!? How sad, that’s just terrible news! 😦

    And of course, I love tranquility. Don’t stress youself about the colours, they all go together beautifully.

  4. I think that Tranquility looks stunning.
    And I hope that you get Sugar Magnolia finished by the end of the year. I don’t see why you won’t if she is your focal piece as often as you intend her to be.

  5. Back you 250% on the emerging artists support. Good for HAED. when artists become so important in their own minds there is something seriously wrong and they need a mirror. just mho.
    tranquility looks great. your colors always look fabulous to me.
    love your idea of a Jan Houtman stitching day the day of his memorial. count me in with Patchwork Sampler.

  6. I think we will all miss Jan Houtman, his samplers were just marvelous.

  7. pethairxstitcher

    You have a way with words and I was pleased to read it (nodding wisely)
    So you are going to give us sugar for the new year? Poor Maggie but then these decisions are alwasy so hard to make!
    Salivating just at the thought of Grape Juice….I dare not look, you have gotten me in enough trouble already (enormous grin)

  8. pethairxstitcher

    Oh…you have gone green! Hey you…what did you do to the real fudgey!

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