giggle… did i blind you

i am trying on new backgrounds..
to see if any fit..
so be warned who knows what you will see whe you click on my link for a while
I did some of Sugar Magnolia for the SAL. She looks a lot more complete now, i filled in al the random little sttiches through her fringe and the side of her hair, and did a lot of glissen gloss sttiching… but the glissen gloss does not show up so it does not look like i did all that much..
i am going to exclusively stitch her on wednesdays and the SAl challenge until she is done..


it was hard choosing between her and maggie, but such is life i think i can really finish her by the end of the year.. THEN i will give myself a blinkie.. which reminds me.. i Love my new avatar button thingy in my sigline on the BB the dear and sweet Ching chou made it for me ,i let her choose which artowrk of hers to do , cos it was hurting my head trying to choose
cckuik link 

tomorrow i have 10-12 hours on the road ( depending on frost/snow/how many times we stop for coffee/traffic etc) going to hobart for an appointment and returning. I have been explaining to muffy all week that we will be leaving her in the house on her own for a whole day ( she has her own section of the house) but i know she will be very sad..
we will not really even have tiome to shop , late lunch, appointment then home again.. we will be out of the car about 3 hours …
yes i am describing my worst nightmare
i have the ipod charged with books to try and distract me..
i joined Audible online on the weekend, i spend stacks of money on audio books and i did the maths and it is a lot cheaper than itunes and many of the itunes books come from audible anyway. So currently i am having an Early Elizabeth George fest
as i said to Terri in an email , it is fun revisiting old reading as an audio experience you get a chance to revisit old friends in a new setting

random pictures and thoughts..
Annie has painted the most amazing picture.. it was fun seeing her painting process along the way..
Night Wish
i dio not know how i missed this at Volarium.. it made me giggle.. when i next order from there i MUST have it

 Beescornu   giggle ( i like plays on words)

and my SBand B order arrived… so it really did take close to a month to travel here… must have been one heck of a stiff head wind!!


8 responses to “giggle… did i blind you

  1. pethairxstitcher

    hey…it is still green…moan! where are my black shades?
    Dear one….I hate to say it but this shade…..not you! (giggle) I shall be counting the days, nay, the minutes till you get limed out!
    Wait…is this anything to do with Noah and his green poem??????
    Sugar is lovely and I do declare, I can see the light. Why yes, she is radiant.
    Love Night wish…sexy and long legged too! ok..this lime green is makig me silly…i am off to see the wizard, perhaps he has the magic to send me back to kansas.

    Good luck on your trip too my dear!

  2. pethairxstitcher

    forgot to say…your sigline is lovely…this is how I imagine you (without the tail of course)

  3. My goodness, I thought I’d visited the wrong blog!!! Please, I’m going blind… much as you love frogs, I don’t think the green is quite you…..

    Ching Chou did a beautiful job with your sig line, I’m “green” with envy…lol…. get it!

    Sugar is looking gorgeous but you already know that, I can just imagine the sparklies IRL.

    Good luck tomorrow, you know I’ll be thinking of you


  4. The green is shocking, but I like the new layout! Easier on the eyes to read the bigger font. Looking forward to your final choice!

  5. Wow, this green hurts the eyes if you stare at the screen too long 🙂 Love the new layout, and did you know that if you want you can keep it and either change the colour or change the shade of the colour? It was a nice surprise though. I almost forgot which blog I had opened 😉

    Sugar is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your progress on her now that she is a weekly project.

  6. Oh, golly gee, I thought I was in the wrong place.
    giggle, now the change is great but Froggy Green? tut tut, not a fudgey colour
    Love Sugar, that blinky isn’t that far away..but you should already have one!!!
    yes, and love your sig.line, she is just you
    Good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you (((HUGS)))
    now away before I see frogs jumping around

  7. Hello… sugar looks amazing.
    I need to email you but my connection is far from good at the moment and I only have 30mins of internet time… did I mention I’m in melbourne this week?
    Anyway *hugs* and goodluck with appointment bits. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

  8. I love “sugar’..she looks so forlorn, but yet sweet! And your it..the colors, everything..hope it gets charted! why don’t you go with a purple/lavender type background for your blog? I do like this green in clothing though. hugs

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