so now my internet provider crashed their system..

spose at least it wasn’t just us they were picking on this time..
todays theme reflects the air temp out side as i set forth on my journey ..
and trust me it will only get colder as we head further south.. i lived in hobart for 12 years… it is at the foot of a snow covered mountain… and is even closer to antarctica than where i live now….

lets hope i still have a service provider when i get back..
i am aiming for a quick stitchy finish along the way….
NO one will guess what i am stitching, i can say that in confidence!


4 responses to “sigh

  1. pethairxstitcher

    Ahhhh! a twinkly winter scene that sue will love cause it is blue!
    I fully expect to see a reindeer poke it’s nose out from behind those pines.
    Have a safe trip and hope the car will be nice and toasty warm for you, wishing you luck and a speedy return to your warm nest.
    As for stitching….as long as it does not go bump in the night (giggle)

  2. giggle, maybe you are going to stitch a little GREEN frog that hopped into you site yesterday
    hope your trip went well. (((HUGS)))

  3. well, i’m a day behind. love Magnolia, she’s turning out to be a beautiful stitch.
    Are you revisiting Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley Mysteries? i really do need to get the books and read them cos i love the tv versions so much. should be some new ones coming soon on our local PBS station, can hardly wait.
    hope your trip has gone well (by the time this is posted).
    sorry for being so late.

  4. Hope your trip went well and you didn’t turn into a popsicle! Pray tell..what are you stitching on? come on..inquiring (and nosey) minds want to know!! hugs

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