sampler update

ok so i do not especially like this layout but i figured we would go coast line as i live on one

Nic how do i change the colour of  the  fluro green one, remember i am html challenged
so anyway ,i have a silly internet .. some times it takes me 20 mins to get a page to work other pages work immediately… all luck of the draw, but i say lots of bad words..

i whizzed through my page of the tranq sampler yesterday , but it took until mid morning to make my photobucket work.. i am image deprived atm, as always online albums are the hardest to load up.

as always if you want a bigger image, go HERE

i have ordered some new silks to test for my 48 ct 1×1 Jane Rees sampler Karen at Dragonfly dreams is helping me search for something as thin as colourwash silk which is not varigated..
I have ordered a reel of Soie 100/3 to test stitch.. there are hundreds of colours she can oerder me so i look like actually moving forward on that sampler atm…
next a few things that have caught my eye lately..
i really like this and it is very suitable for all of us.. i am guessing especially Cathy and Nikki will like this one.. Of Female Arts  from the primitive needle
and i really like this, i would never stitch it  but i really like it.. Cranberry in Pines from Rosewod manor they also did it in rows for the neat freaks.. lol  Cranberry Row

oh and picture this plus is finally online ..BUT they conveniently do not say how much international postage is.. won’t tell a buyer until the order is ready and that is not on
and i have been burnt too many times before to trust any seller who does that


7 responses to “sampler update

  1. Love that Cranberry in Pines but not the shape of the stocking – I prefer them longer and thinner 😀 Not sure about the Female Arts one – it’s a bit gappy maybe.

    Your sampler looks so good 🙂

  2. Boy, Missie, you are just whiz banging along on your sampler and it looks awesome..the colors you chose are flowing smoothly!! I like the cranberry pine, but not as a stocking..would want it as a is cool with all the shapes and types of pines! (Your internet sounds totally like mine….tempermental with a mind of its own! 😉 ) Hugs

  3. I love the cranberry row, thanks for the linky. Your sampler is looking wonderful. I love to sit and look at the colors and try to decide on how you picked that color to go there. Wierd I know! lol. ((hugs))

  4. pethairxstitcher

    There is such strength in your sampler, it has power and despite the fact that you were not always certain if youpicked correctly, you have something magical there!
    As for your blog…you know I saw this one and thought that this must be something like where you are, only I picture it as being just a bit wilder…the mountains that is.

  5. *poke* Send your fabrics here and then I’ll bustle them along to you. *HUGS!*

    I love your sampler… the colors are vibrant… a perfect winter stitch!!

  6. sending you an email about the green.

    Love the pic of your sampler. Those colours really pop

  7. Your sampler is looking stunning, I love the colours that you are using. *HUGS*

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