now don’t faint… but i finished something

i know pretty scary..

i also changed my theme again and did a colour change from red to blue..
but i notice the font is not that big so i might try another one, darling nic tried to work out how to change the fluro green one and i might be brave and try and follow her instructions , but it is only a blog and i do not want her head to explode walking me through it , i would rather she use her time for fun stuff

anyway back to my finish..

i saw this stitched on th HDF BB and thought it looked perfect for a stitchy friend or two.. 
not sure which stitchy friend that is yet to be determined.. but i present

The Stitcher… chart by X’s and Oh’s , fabric is legacy 30 ct in custard cream thread is HDF black iris bud.. and of course it is 1×1
the shame is the silk is stunning in sunlight, i truly recommend you check it out in sunshine if you have not done so..  but does not translate to a scan all that well…

oh and i forgot to say i stitched most of her during my epic journey the other day, i just had to do the back stitch and the thing she is leaning against yesterday to finish her , and no i jhave no idea HOW to finish her.. maybe a needlebook, but maybe not.

 other things that have grabbed my attention in the last  36 hours or so…
has anyone ever sen this chart before?? i can’t believe i missed it at the Silver Lining.. they look like gargoyle dragons to me… Villa Borghese Dragons  this site is having a sale on all their dragon charts….
but the thing that got me all in a flap was these scissors!! Purple swirly scissors

oh and as i was running outthe door this morning a parcel from a fairy arrived..

it had Belle soie silks, needleprint charts, a mag and a kitty chart such a sweet fairy… ((((hugs)))
i have lovely friends


10 responses to “now don’t faint… but i finished something

  1. OH wow, love your little finish and I would have no idea how to finish it either. am in the same quandry over a finish I had last week!
    and oh, those are so ‘fudgey’ scissors

  2. giggle, forgot to say that I love your page, flying free..if only!

  3. Love the blue and what a great finish! How come you didn’t order those scissors yet? They are very you!!

    I’m waiting for your foray into 1×1 on 90! *ducks*

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Chirp…chirp..Not bad at all..this theme is very easy on the eyes.
    Would never have guess about your lovely finish, i think the silk is most likely the perfect fit to the fabric…as for finishing her, that is not so easy and depends on how much fabric you have. I know that I have done lavender sachets and drawstring pouches for different things, but this design needs a use that is stitch related I think….

  5. Your finish is lovely, well done on your finish *HUGS*

  6. Love your stitcher finish. she is so purrrty.
    those purple scissors are very special too. something different and colorful.

  7. OMG! I NEED those scissors!!!!

  8. I totally blame you for an order I place for some Ice Cream Swirly scissors yesterday! lol

  9. What a sweet finish! – it would make a lovely needlecase. Those scissors are so yummy looking.

  10. Congrats on the finish. Very pretty. Sorry, no ideas for finishing from me. Ask Nikki 😉
    Love the scissors and… a dragon sale! Gotta go look of course.
    Oh, and I like the new layout. Pretty purple and very you. As well as easy to read.

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