amazingly i think i am actually on the home straight to getting my Jane Rees sampler started..

I know the fab count.. 48 ct , and i just have to decide on a colour as i learnt that Lakeside linen does dye some of legacy’s 48 ct linen.. woohoo not many colour choices but it is a monochrome trad sampler so i don’;t need many choices..

and thanksd to heaps of help from karen at dragonfly dreams i have found a silk that is perfect for 1×1 on 48 ct thatis not varigated, anyone who has followed my progress to this point knows i love the way clourwash silk stitches up 1×1 on 48 ct , but it is varigated and therefore not suitable, so after i explained all that to her she suggested a silk  her customers use for blackwork, soie 100/3 and it works fine.. thing is i have to commit to a colour now and then the treasure will order it in for me .. but it will be about a month away
so i am thinking the 48 ct in Magnolia or lentil you need to scroll a bit, and for silk.. my head hurts… this is a link to a page that if you scroll down has a pdf with all the colours, the page i like is page 4… the colours i am pondering are 222, 524, 133, 521, 447, 623… and i need to decide soon… i am hopeless at decisions, yes i know not exactly a earthshattering statement!!
a lethal discovery was that gloriana Luminesence is soie 100/3 overdyed as i was getting the links just then.. i think this is a bad thing to know… just when i thought i had my head around it,

and in breaking news… i just had my second finish for the week…
i know.. what is going on.. ihave had a good weeke sttiching in the mornings on little things
below is my version of JBW’s Country French Cat stitched on 34 ct legacy linen devonshire cream 1×1 with HDF regular Enchantress… which as you can see is a wonderful red/pink varigate


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  1. Purrrrrrrrrrrty Kitty
    Um..I like the Magnolia but as to silk..giggle..I like them all! Now, how was that for barnstorming help.

  2. Pretty kitty. Congrats on your finish.
    As to the fabric/silk issue. I like both the fabrics and of course all of the silk options you had. But with silk and fabric combination, I’d probably choose something more reddy or orangy with chose fabric colours. But that’s just me. I’m less adventurous with colour combinations. With all those colour options I’m glad it is you making the decision and not me 🙂

  3. The cat is really cute. All the best with your fabric and floss choices.

  4. Oooh, I’ve seen some of that Glorianna luminescence it’s beautiful thread – it has such a lovely sheen.
    Your kitty is gorgeous!! A beautiful finish! Congratulations!

  5. Love the kitty, I’m a sucker for reds and pinks. I love her. Now for the silks. I like them I dont think you can go wrong fudgey with whatever you choose. I cant wait to see it started. One question, since it’s on 48 ct. are you tenting. Or are you going over 2? You may have said already, but I missed it.

  6. pethairxstitcher

    Oh I love the pinks and reds on this one…a cute red head! I love all the little details in her..
    Magnolia is such a lovely colour, that is my favourite; as for the floss…I only give fabbie help since you have floss picking down to a fine art already (grin)

  7. Love your kitty. the colors are some of my favorites. have to agree with Sonya on the floss colors. you certainly do have that down to a fine art. the thought of 48 ct brings visions of microscopes to my head. giggle don’t think a magnifier would help me on that one.

  8. Love the kitty, too, fudgey! Enchantress is a lovely pinky/red combo. (Can’t believe I am out of town for less than a week and you have 2 finishes..good going!!) Like “the Stitcher” also and I will have to check out that color of silk. Magnolia and lentil are both great colors..let us know which silk you are great at floss choosing! hugs..

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