pictures and thoughts

well not too many thoughts.. the sinus monster has gripped my brain again…

sick of the sinus monster , he is horrid ( it must be a boy i am sure)
i scanned my lady in the Meadow Qs.. not sure it looks like i did much but i spent ages doing all the gaps, so i spose you will just have to compare pictures to see the real effect


next is my tranq sampler… which is late cos i had to wait until late sunday night to get the chart, but i won’t have that problem anymore cos i have a printer now.. bounce bounce..

i had one of those funny moments in it when no matter what i did i kept mucking up the same 8-9 stitches.. took about four goes, ie correct on the fifth go i think to get those few stitches to go right, had a real block… made me quite cross actually


here is the link if you want to see a bigger picture

next is a little bit of enabling for the quaker girls.. this was highlighted on the HDF message board and i went and explored, they only charged me a pitance for postage so i decided to order it.. i think it would be perfect for my friend vix ( aka the bag lady) for xmas.. i think especially Cathy will like this one

The Quaker Bag  i will move a motif over slightly whe i stitch it.. and i think i will go and find the bag fab before i choose the silk for stitching

i had another thought, but it has escaped me all i can here is my beetle girl crying at the door, so i spose i should go and make my lap available to her for the afternoon..

i owe emails.. i know … sorry sue…


4 responses to “pictures and thoughts

  1. Firstly, I’ve just gotta say your tranquility is looking marvellous, just wonderful!! So does the Lady in the meadow – she’s coming along beautifully.

    The quaker bag is lovely (I’d shift the flower motif on the bottom left). Dear friend, you are an evil enabler, just when I think to myself I’m going to be good this month and save some money… well missy, here’s some enabling right back at you! I’m sure you have seen Samplers and such’s Quaker sewing bag (I already have this one and the requisite bag) and what about Papillon Creations Ring of Roses (another one sitting in my stash gently reproaching me for not having six pairs of arms and all the time in the world). Nb these two patterns are both available from Wyndhams.

    Big hugs, I hope you are feeling better soon, begone Sinus Beast! (I think he’s a boy too).

  2. Poor fudgey! (I can identify with you as I, too, have the sinus beast visiting ever since we went on vacation last week to the National parks with all the pines and plants and humidity with thunderstorms every day…) Loving your tranquility sampler and also you are having great progress on “Lady” are just zippity do-dahing along on your stitching, girl! and you got a printer? yay! now you will be in big trouble..having access to printing out the charts that have been whining at you…;) take care dear one…hugs

  3. Just love your Tranquility sampler. you always do such beautiful colors on your samplers. As for Lady, i think you’ve gotten a lot done on her. lots of color changes in that one.
    So sorry the sinus bug is back. you must be miserable with the nasty headaches they bring. hope you feel better very soon. lots of hugs.

  4. Beautiful stitching as always. I hope the sinus monster leaves you soon.

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