Chocolate fairies,dragons and RR’s

yesterday the chocoalte fairy came… except she was a really over worked choc fairy and she delivered two packages !! haighs of course and all favourites , the choc fairy is very wise… though i know she did enlist the help of two delightful pixies..

Nancy and Vickyhearts

Kerry … Character Creations .. had a wonderful dragony August release this month, including 20% off dragons for the week…
she has charts by Nicole cadet, Sylvia Koerner ( was polster ) and two more of the wonderful Lisa Hunt Tarot  charts, i especially love Judgement all the new charts are on this page and it is easy to check out the other dragon patterns from there

Kerry also mentioned to me that Dave is working on the New Message board for us, so hopefully we can kick our SAl back into the public eye after a few months of behind the scene stitching

finally here is my extremely ebarassingly late RR piece, i think Sharon had given up on me

it is Sara Butchers Loves Me Loves Me Not, or as i call her Daisy.. I stitched the face, the other pieces were stitched by  nancy and Jan… it is 2×2 on 32 ct opalescent fab from SMF ( i actually have another piece of this fab )


now i am on to stitching Vicky’s Turquiose ( Ravenscroft) for the next RR piece.. and of course i have forgotten what the due date is, i know it was extended.. but who knows what to…hopes sue answers this vague pondering

this weekend i am stitching Either my patchwork sampler or starting My Rainbow sampler … the third ofSAugust is the Jan Houtman memorial service so i have orgainised a SAL on the haed BB to pay tribute to him…


11 responses to “Chocolate fairies,dragons and RR’s

  1. Uhoh, a dragon sale. I love judgement too, I just know I am going to have to buy it to join Hermit and Lovers.
    Love the stitching on the RR. I have to finish off my section on yours. I think I have about another 500-800 stitches left. But I can’t find several of the colours I need even though I know I have them. I’ll try and get it finished this weekend – especially as I have to get Dianne’s back from Vicky and finish that before the next section starts. So don’t feel bad about your lateness.. I am worse 😦

  2. What a beautiful RR. Very pretty indeed! What sweet fairies to leave choccy!

  3. The RR is gorgeous! Love that chart and it looks so good over 2 as well. Just beautiful! 🙂
    Hope you’re enjoying the chocolate – what lovely pixies to helpout the fairy 😉

  4. What wonderful choc fairies! love the Daisy RR. she is beautiful. everyone’s stitching is so perfect! love that fab too.

  5. Forgot to say i’ll be working on J Houtman’s Patchwork Sampler this weekend.

  6. oooh … Sharon’s RRobin piece is looking wonderful! This one definately needs to be framed when she’s finished, she’s going to be a stunner! And what a weird coincidence that both Vicky and I send you the same chockies on the same day! Enjoy 🙂

  7. pethairxstitcher

    pretty, pretty…I had forgotten all about this one and it is one of my favourites of hers! The fabbie is perfect too, well done every one. I do not know how you all manage to do it and still sork on your own projects too!
    Love the Judgement chart the best from CC…she has some lovelies out this month again.
    Glad to hear the choccie fairies have been by, that always helps lift the spirits, doesn’t it!

  8. yummy! the chocchies sound amazing..sweet faireys! Love the Rr..very cute! Wish I would have purchased the Turquoise chart..(hindsight is 20-20!) The colors are so pretty in it with the cool aquas and turquoise….you sure get alot stitched ..a more disciplined stitcher than I am…take care..Hugs

  9. Wow that looks amazing. Now I am feeling like chocolate too,

  10. Lucky you to get fairy gifts, and choc is one of the best!
    I just love Love Me Not! I’ve been meaning to ask everytime I see one of them done this way, how do you split the design into sections please? Is there a program you use or a website with instructions? I’d really like to do one myself.

  11. Your RR looks stunning and I am sure that Sharron won’t mind how late she is.
    I hope that you had a good SAL in memory of Jan.

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