About samplers and being Fickle…

before i forget… an answer to a question from my last post by Lisa..
nancy is the wonderful clever talented person who fragments our charts for us in the RR group… she has an amazing eye for proprtion, and is really good at counting ( which i am not… poor girl had to hold my hand to get me through splitting up my Seabreeze chart for my RR piece  because counting above defeated me….. trust me only a slight exaggeration)

now onto my rambles 

 2 sampler pics today..
I did my page 19 of the Tranquility Sampler it woiuld have been faster if i did not first discover in the last row of the dk blue sampler that i made a boo boo in the second row…
It was the footballs fault ( sharon will chuckle there) i should not try and count when the saints are being run down in the last quarter of a game…
then i decided i didn’t like some colour chooices so tested and frogged about 4 colour combos over about half a day, THEN i got it finished early sunday morning, paul was quite surprised when he got back from the gym at 10.30 am on a Sunday morning and i had finished as he knew i had a colour to do today from scratch…
i added in two new colours, the old version of lavender and Aquamarine 2435 .. i am trying to work a paler blue in and it just not working atm and it is frustrating me, i may frog out a colour further up to add it in yet… … yes not only is my middle name Fickle, it is also crazy …

and the bigger image is HERE

next up is my Patchwork Sampler, i worked on it for a while this weekend as a tribute to Jan Houtman, as his memorial service was on Friday… So i got to play with my belle soie’s a bit more and again was reminded of how lovely fresh Raspberries is, and i stitched Colourstreams Carnivale as well which is really pretty as well as the most stunning Dinky Dyes Colour, Violet.. all you purple lovers if you do not have it , you NEED it… i have mine thanks to some pixie’s from the North

patchwork sampler

and a bigger picture HERE

I really enjoyed stitching it again and playing with all my silks , rather than just the colours for Tranquility sampler..

and as for being Fickle..
i wanted Pine Dryad, got her  charted… moved on cos then I knew Indigo was being charted..
KKitted Indigo, started her and then , Ching Chou started painting awesome portraits and mermaids..
and yesterday i scrapped Indigo, unkitted her and started Kitting Blue Eyed Fairy.. Sharon insisted ( can i blame her??) as she said.. it is me, pale blonde hair, pale skin , blue eyes.. AND i am not stitching anything of hers even though we chat 3-4 times a week !!

thats seems wrong somehow..  and the thing is if Crimson Glamour is charted or
Purple Silk or Purple Dragonfly Fae which Ching Chou painted with me in mind… well then what will i do??
i think it could be said i am having a weakness period…

5 responses to “About samplers and being Fickle…

  1. LOL, you crack me up…… Tranquillity looks beautiful but you never cease to amaze me when you change the colours.

  2. Loving both your samplers, fudgey..your needle is flying! You are sounding like the rest of us..too many wonderful charts and which ones to stitch?? I love the blue eyed one you are starting..it is me also except I have green eyes… I may have to get her yet! She is fast becoming my fave artist at HAED..since L. Ravenscroft is gone..they were my 2 favorites. Will be watching for a wip of her..are the colors in her wonderful? keep on stitching..hugs..Judy

  3. Your samplers are beautiful. love what you’re doing with your color pallette on Patchwork Sampler. it’s gorgeous the way you’re painting it.
    yep, the minute i saw QS Blue Eyed Fairy thought of you. got it on my wish list with Peony. Blue Eyed Fairy is a must have and next sale she will be mine. it’s my favorite C. C. Kuik so far and i love her work.

  4. Beautiful stitching as always. You have chosen some beautiful colours in both of those samplers. I giggle everytime I see your posts about tranquility. By the time you have finished it you would have stiched it at least 3 time 😉

  5. Both Samplers look stunning and I am sure that you will work it out how you want it, even if you think that you are being fickle. It has to be right in your mind *HUGS*

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