oops i forgot my password

i had one of my blanks, i get them occasionally about passwords atm numbers, phone numbers..

i have this mantra i have to repeat every time i accidentally read or say out loud a sequence of numbers. It  involves all my important numbers etc otherwise i will forget them…

i know i am insane… but when i am at my worst with stress/depression/anxiety that is what i forget..
and as you can imagine in relation to my atm card it has caused problems in the past when i forget
so anyway i worked out how to get back in here today so here i am…

mischief first.. i have a new sampler on its way from martina dey she released a new patchwork sampler… she is the designer of Tranquility ( new pic below) and when i saw she had a new one and for 2 weeks it was only 18 euros to her yahoo sampler group members  instead of 22 euros.. of course i had to order it….
Serenity Sampler  also at the same time the SANQ ( sampler and needlework quarterly) released the issue with Martina’s original Tsunami sampler ( tranquility is its companion) so i had to have that too, lol, and Dragonfly dreams had it and a chart i wanted both available at the same time so i ordered them both..
Picture of Tsunami Sampler  lol you need to scroll past the serenity picture to the tsunami one..
the chart i ordered was from The Primitive Needle called Of Female Arts 
now add into this finally all my 40 count lakeside linen fabs arrived and i have been busy lol..  i ordered Patina, Cornsilk and vintage light examplar i have no idea what to stitch on what at all but i knew i wanted those colours and it was so wonderful to be able to order them in Australia that i thought i should go for it and store them away for future reference
i love all three colours, the Cornsilk is calling out for blue to be stitched on it

below is this weeks Tranquility sampler update, i finished the fourrth row , and that means i am well over half way now, i breezed through this page, would have been finished by dinner on Saturday except Ina forgot to put the page up so i did not get my 2 hours on a friday night in.. thanks to Judy for emailling Ina and asking where the page was so i had it on Saturday!!

tranq sampler

there is a bigger picture HERE


5 responses to “oops i forgot my password

  1. Fudgey..your sampler is soo pretty….I am living vicariously through you since you have so much done! (I sent the e-mail asking where the page was because I was thinking maybe my computer was being naughty again..and also it is always there when I get up on Friday morning, but not this time..noone else had asked, so i said I am going to send an “e” and find out!)

    I LOVE the new Serenity sampler too, but haven’t ordered it…my Dh says how many samplers can you stitch in one lifetime? (I don’t think that has anything to do with it, I just want to have it so I can stitch it when I feel like it!) I do so want to get it though..it is lovely! I did subscribe to the SANQ though and they assured me I will get the issue with the Tsuanmi sampler in it…

    Your new fabbies sound lovely…great color choices..am sure you can find something to stitch on them ;).

    I also have trouble with numbers….can never remember my S.S., and in school I remember standing in front of my locker and my mind was blank on the combination..I can’t even get my cell phone # memorized!lol

    Well, back to my stitching..I got out Red Witch QS last week and have been totally enjoying stitching on her after she was put away for so many months.. I decided I needed to spend some time with her.



  2. giggle…senior moments eh?
    Aren’t packages the best thing to pick you up…love getting new stash as we all do. The colours are lovely too.
    The sampler is lovely, I get lost in it everytime I look at it- not enough time to do everything(sigh)

  3. Love, love the Serenity Sampler! Very tempting but I just spent money on retired artist charts, and Their Song, AND something to stitch for my mum! What colours will you stitch it in? I like the ones of the model – very soothing 🙂

  4. Yummy stash!
    Did you get your Lakeside linen from The Crewel G? I just got my issue of SANQ there (along with Dorcas Haynes – a Scarlet Letter Chart).
    And of course your sampler is looking just stunning. So beautiful.

  5. Lovely work as always. This is coming along so well. And I am so impressed that you are able to keep up with the chart as it is released.
    Serenity is very pretty. I love those green and purple combinations – very elegant. So will you be starting this one once you have finished tranquility, or will it call to you earlier?

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