Sugar Magnolia

Lordy two posts in two days!!

what is going on..

I have my Tsunami sampler… and immediately my mind started ticking over as to what i could use colour wise.. i am thinking all colours tropical, so ocean blues and greens with splashes of yellow, orange and turquoise….. what do you think??
Nikki asked me what colours i am considering for the Serenity sampler ( i think it was nikki)  and i have been thinking two colour combos.. one is choose a full range of blues from HDF and stitch it on my 40 count lakeside linen in cornsilk ( pretty pale yellow)

the other is a combo of a green colour group and a pink colour group.. but i am having trouble deciding on a green… i have problems with green i either love it or loathe it.. ( be quiet norty imps in the back row… yes you know who you are), so it might end up being the blues by default

anyways.. Sugar magnolia , i did a lot of her.. i used the wednesday qs sal and then the weekend managed to do heaps, again a lot of it you can’t tell is stitched as it is in the glissen gloss which does not show up on a scan..


now unless something is released in the next two week it looks like my new start fo r the new start SAl at the end of the month will be

Her Special Place … she is on the August page of the fenech calender and she has been calling me everyday… WHY is no one Stitching her??? i need to find the perfect 32 ct lavender washed out purple jobelan in the next few days to stitch her on…

and a reminder to everyone involved , it is the CC sal this weekend……

9 responses to “Sugar Magnolia

  1. Sugar Magnolia is stunning. And the Her Special place is a great choice for a new start. I am looking forward to seeing the progress on her.

  2. You sugar baby is just lovely, I do not envy you all the pale colours but you are such a smart girl doing all those pale itty bitty stitches! (blows a kiss your direction)

    shimmering violets in the shade! that is what I think would be lovely with her (SMF)…her special place that is.
    Now…I have to talk green! Yes I know what you are going to say…I am not listening “la la la la la” violet on green! there I said it!

  3. Your sugar baby is a true beauty, love all the little itty bitty stitches in that pale colour! – clever girl. (blowing kisses your way)
    As for Her special place…I thing that SMF shimmering violets in the shade would be perfect…drool.
    Now…green would be perfect with violet thread…think about it (she drops the hint and runs like fire in the opposite direction)

  4. sorry for the double post…Your blog told me that it could not post the first one and that I needed to rewrite it…it lied to me!

  5. Sugar Magnolia is so sweet and sad looking…she is really coming along!

    Tsunami sampler sounds wonderful in Tropical colors, but along with the colors you picked I would add a nice tropical pink shade.

    And Serenity is a great chart and I picture it in greens or blues also as it should be “serene” and I think blues and greens are serene, relaxing colors.

    Will look forward to wips of her special place…


  6. Sugar Magnolia is beautiful! I love her sweet face:)

  7. Your Magnolia is gorgeous!!! the only thing keeping me from doing her is all those pale colors. you do them so well and have so much patience with them. you got a whole lot accomplished too.
    okay, Fudgey, i’m loving the Serenity SAmpler and love your color choices too. i’m so trying to behave.
    Tanquility is another beautiful work. you are so talented and do such wonderful color combos. wish i were half as good as you.
    have to agree with Sonya on the purple/violet and greens. (running and ducking.)

  8. ok, your blog’s thwarted my attempts to post twice … big meanie. So, here’s trying for a third time lucky.

    I was trying to say how divine sugar magnolia is looking in those soft colours. They must be so soothing to look at irl. Doesn’t she have the best eyes! And I’m thrilled you’ll be starting HSP! You know I have the perfect piece of soft lilac jobelan in 32ct for her. I’d have sent it to you too cept I have stitches running though it that are going to be a pain to unpick (I was experimenting with cirque and it didn’t quite work out). Unfortunately there’s lots and lots to unpick and cause it was a silkweaver solo I can’t even recommend a replacement piece … bummer. But I’m sure you’ll find something lovely for her. I can’t wait to see a wip.

  9. Fudgey, she is luscious!
    I think your new start for the SAL is going to change!!! Have you checked the HAED new charts lately??? Teast, tease, tease…….

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