not so much about stitching today, though there is a tranquility update first..

that isn’t blech, but it is testing my colour placement mojo somewhat atm..

this is the latest picture with the secondlast full row started… I am wishing i had used a clear blue like the mermaid blues sommewhere early on, and i am thinking about frogging back a few smaller motifs above and adding a blue in… i will think about it more after page 22 is released

 and before i get distracted with my diet sook, i love this new release by Stitch’inspirations … Christmas Tokens 1 i will definately be looking out for it in the various ONS i haunt

some of you know about my fibromyalgia, connective tissue disease/circulation/depression/anxiety related skin and health problems including the evil sinus problems , apparently everything is feeding off each other and exascerbating each thing significcantly, adding on to that i keep losing GP’s so have no continuity of treatment at all ( rural health in tassie is a joke at best)
so i have been seeing a rheumatologist 6 hours away by car… yay ( not)
one thing he wanted me to try was the elimination diet , firstly on my own and if it looked like it did improve my skin/sinus/headaches/tiredness etc i could maybe be brave and go see a naturapath ( i think there is one on the coast that has a good rep … or there was anyway)
so today is day one of at least 2 weeks of NO coffee, chocolate, coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, cheeses, coffee, potatoes, mushrooms, bananas, chocolate, butter/marg, fruit except peeled pears and delicious apples ,citrus of anykind…
did i mention chocolate and coffee.. and i still have haighs stash from Vicky and Nancy and i have Anver ‘s stash from my sister , sob…
i can eat..
rice and rice products that have no additives of any kind, so that means plain rice cakes, rice flakes, plain puffed rice, rice milk … … rice oil, rice syrup ( yummy) rice noodles

kumara ( orange sweet potato), celery, iceberg lettuce ( which i loathe) cabbage, leeks , garlic, swedes, spring onions some people call them green onions or shallots and chives i can have bamboo shoots , but i can’t find any that do not have something added in the processing
chicken, pork, lamb, fish  , no beef but that is fine it is my least favourite of all mainstream meats, and of course no processed meats, but i rarely have any of those anyway
peeled pears and peeled delicious apples,  100% nothing added pear juice , and i found 100 % pear concentrate, water

golden syrup, sugar , salt … and i never use sugar or salt  ever , we had to buy both
cashews and 100% cashew nut paste…
buckwheat, millet , red and brown lentils

then after two weeks i start introducing stuff back in slowly and seewhat happens
so this morning i had ricecakes with cashew spread and golden syrup ( tasted fine but was werrry dry), and a mug of hotwater with pear concentrate in it.. YUK
i am about to poach pears yum… and make a big pot of home made chicken stock so we can have some flavour in our meals without using salt as i really am not a salt fan, but stock without carrot, onion and herbs will be a bit boring… thank goodness for celery and leeks i say
i did start preparing over a week ago weaning myself off coffee and using decaf , except for my real coffee Paul makes every morning, so this is my first morning without that
on the positive side when paul is in the house he is following the diet as well… except he is having milk … but out of sight… he can eat what ever he wants
and for the record.. no matter what results the diet produces.. unless it can be proven scientifically that it will seriously harm me i am not giving up chocolate and coffee
so i am sooking and feeling sorry for myself right now…
i know it could be worse… a lot worse… and it is my choice to do it, and i will stop sooking now i have gotten it off my chest
might treat myself to a new start or something…lol


13 responses to “blech…..

  1. sending you a huge hug sweetie…… a new start sounds like a wonderful idea to keep your mind off things… coffee and chocolate……

    Tranquillity looks beautiful to me as always, has Serenity turned up yet? That could be your new start, I’d love to see what colourway you would choose for that!


  2. Serenity can’t be the new start.. as i only ordered silks yesterday..
    think pinks and greens of the spring garden type hue
    phlox series and yerba mate or pink pearls and yerba mate
    also ordered luteous green series just in case lol..

  3. Aw ….. {{{{ Hugs}}}} …. yes, a new start that’s what you need. How are you going with charting Dawn Rose? Perhaps she can be your new start?

    And I love tranquility (of course). It keeps getting more beautiful with each update.

  4. Oh ick… what a diet. You definitely need a new start, dahlink!


  5. Oh Blech is right! I am so addicted to coffee that I get a horrible headache if I don’t have it…and chocolate…:( Hope it turns out you can have these after all with no problems. You are going to melt away with what you are allowed to bland, huh, and not many calories. I admire your strength in doing this test though.

    Tranqiility is amazing! So very pretty!

    And a new start? what will you treat yourself to? hmm??

    Sending big hugs your way.

  6. Good on you for having the strength of mind to do the elimination diet. I hope it gives you answers.

    P.S. The picture you sent me is looking great.

  7. ((hugs)) I have absolutely no self control and would have great difficulty sticking to yours.

    Beautiful stitching as always!

  8. Sending hugs your way! That diet sounds awful! Kudos to you for doing it! You are one strong babe! I am floored that Paul is doing it with you (while in the house), that’s one great guy you’ve got there! Tranquillity looks gorgeous!

  9. Oh you poor thing. I went on one of those a few years ago. It was soooooo boring! Everything nice was banned. Though I could eat carrots – what’s wrong with carrots? And herbs. Can you eat home made houmous? That goes OK with rice cakes. And you might be able to buy Tamari wheat-free soy sauce – makes things more interesting 🙂

  10. Aside from the fact that you need to watch everything you eat for a while, it is a very positive step in the right direction. If you find out that it is one of the things you have been eating (except coffee or chocolate, naturally), it will be worth it… just think, an end to all that horrid suffering! and Paul is doing it with you! Now that is love!
    New starts are indeed called for as is shopping….new silks coming out too…yummy.
    and lastly…the sampler looks amazing even if you are not 100% sure about it…we think it is wowzer!…now talking about framing….;-) (big grin)

  11. Commiserations. Sounds like an awful diet. I hope it produces some useful results. I’m glad that Paul is going along with it when he is home. But he might need reminding not to come home smelling like the other food either 😉

    I think a new start is definitely in order. Any progress on choosing which one? Or if not a new start how about looking out for a nice little stash bundle that you can reward yourself with at the end of two weeks

  12. OMG!!! sending you tons of hugs and positive thoughts. i give you so much credit for starting the elimination diet. a new start is definitely in order!!
    your sampler is beautiful. those Christmas Ornaments are a must have!!
    more hugs,

  13. I am going to send you positive thoughts, I hope that it helps even thought you have to give up the good things in life, like Chocolate.

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