assorted mutterings


The elimination diet did not start well, 24 hours in and i was hit by a sinus related, migraine type, throwing up thing which i guess was a sinus migraine..
so i had 24 hours of nothing but soda water diluted clear lemonade ..
common sense told me to put the diet on hold for a few days so I am back on it today as i survived the gym last night but i do still have sinus problems so i would guess dairy does not cause my sinus as even though i was not REALLY on the diet i did not have any dairy, chocolate, etc etc etc.. and actually probably only had about 3-4 things i should not have had if i was on the diet seriously, including a coffee ( i needed some sort of comfort food after i recovered !!)

My serenity sampler arrived today woohoo… but of course i do not have the silks i want…
well i might have some , but until i get the ones i ordered i don’t want to commit ..
i want a green and pink theme.. i have three pink sereis on their way to me from HDF as well as 2 green series, and i have 2 full pink series here at home..
yes i have a pink silk fetish.. feel free to feed it any time lol. It is funny but i would have thought if i had a silk fetish it would be for purple silks, but apparently not
the pain with all this is i have been casting around all week wanting a new start and realised it was a sampler i wanted to start but didn’t want to start one when i knew Serenity was on the way ….at least tonight i will hopefully have my tranquillity page to stitch unless Ina forgets again lol..

below is my Lady in the Meadow QS model…
i have worked out some colours stitch faster than others.. yellow stitches slow… slow slow slow..
my aim is to have the torso done by the next update

now i will go back to casting around vaguely trying to commit to a chart for the haed new start SAL…
i have something kitted, but i am waiting for something else, and three others are saying what about me i have a feeling when i have done my tranq page tomorrow i will be as surprised as anyone as to what i start
Her Special place can’t be started as i ordered fab from silkweavers so that will be a fortnight … i really am a prevaricator!!


3 responses to “assorted mutterings

  1. Fudgey, sorry you got the sinus/migraine thingy..been there many times myself. (not fun!)
    Serenity will be beautiful in greens/pinks! I soo want the HDF vicki pink silk sets..I have them on my wish list by the computer and I go to her site and drool alot!…one of these days..I will break down and order them probably. I will be very interested in learning what pinks and greens you end up choosing for the sampler.
    Lady is coming along nicely and your stitching looks so perfect! You have gotten quite alot done on her!
    Soooo..what is your new start going to be…huh? Inquirying (or nosey) minds want to know…take care and feel better dear one..hugs

  2. Poor Fudgey. ((((((((((lots and lots of hugs)))))))). just hate you keep having all those health issues. it’s time they went away and gave you a break!!!
    love the Serenity Sampler, so glad you got it. Want it but Star Delight is number 1 right now. i need to get off my butt and order it or them. giggle
    anxious to see what you decide on for the sal.
    Lady QS is beautiful. your work is always sooooo purrfect!!!
    hugs again

  3. pethairxstitcher

    First off, I hope the nasty migraine is gone, I know how it feels as I get visited by them too. time for a break as Paula says.
    Pinks…ahhhh well they are related to purple are they not? Just the shade to put you in the pink!
    Lady looks sexy….a headless bust (grin)
    as for the sal…I too am waiting…for what i am not certain but I have 2 already kitted up if need be but somehow i am still on the fence.
    it will be interesting to see what you end up with

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