take 3

word press is not happy, who knows if this will work!!
i finished tranquility page 22 yesterday late afternoon/early evening, the picture is below…
i really have painted myself into a bit of a corner with the way i did the colours , but so far i have not had to frog out anthing to introduce a new colour.. fingers crossed!


i found an awesome website yesterday… Called Creative Poppy it is a site where you can download the charts after you pay.. and there are already some wonderful samplers monogrames etc including some Dessins ones , and i know that is just the start..
and Sharon , Vicky and i have been indulging ourselves in one of our favourite  gothy artists work as charts , Misty Benson has had HAED chart some of her artwork which she sells from her website.. and we bought some ( not owning up to how many ) though i will admit to Calico Cuties ( of course in honour of Beetle)  … at some point i might ask her to have Moon Flower charted . Misty is a lovely person and as a fan of Big Eye art ( there is a book coming out soon on that topic i discovered) i had to have some of her charts

i started my SAL piece.. not telling what it is though… giggle
ok fingers crossed this one publishes ihave done this blog entry three times in full and had 3 attempts where i could not load the write a post page …


5 responses to “take 3

  1. Tranquility is beautiful. You’ve done a great job with mixing the colours.
    Tell. tell, tell…which Purple beauty did you settle on. Love them both so waiting for a wip

  2. Tranquility is just as beautiful every motif you make. love it. okay, Misty Benson is now bookmarked. whine!!! looking at A Fairy and Her Unicorn, Alice in Wonderland:Pig and Pepper, Calico Cuties and Sisters of the Siamese Order. ‘Fess up Fudgey, what all did you get???
    Since you won’t tell what your new sal is how about some pics??? giggle

  3. Tranquility looks beautiful. Thank you for the link to Creative Poppy, it is a lovely site.
    I hope that your sinuses are behaving now and they you have eaten a little bit of chocolate to help a little bit.
    If you haven’t had any coffee, it may be because of the lack of caffeen that your sinuses are bad. But as I say I hope that they get better soon and that things aren’t too bad on the diet *HUGS*

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Wow, tranquility looks like it will be done soon and it is just breathtaking as always! i adore the colours too (sound of a heart going pitter patter)

    Hope that your withdrawal symptomes are easing off.

  5. Tranquility is looking great as usual!
    Why the secrecy surrounding your new start?

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