just ponderings and stuff

i promised pics to a number of people today of my SAL piece and then have decided since i missed heaps of time laying around in bed in a darkened room again that i would stitch her for the rest of the week.. i am on sick leave from model stitching …lol
So no pic for another day or so…
as to what she is… if i said paul got to chose , and he is a boy, would that help anyone who still had not worked it out?
Darkened room, yes another mega sinus episode, i tried toughing it out for 24 hours but got to the throwing up stage again and spent another day in bed , except for two feeble efforts to rearrange wips etc on the BB, so another day on diluted lemonade..
and after a long consultation with my mum, who is the mega sinus expert in my life ( i inherited that, the joint problems the reproductive problems etc from her… lucky me) we decided the elimination diet was making it worse as my body was so stressed and given a lot of my problems stem from my depression and anxiety issues i was just exacerbating everything.. so i am off the diet .. clearly dairy is not an issue with my sinuses as it is for some people as i was dairy free for more than ten days as that was something i did in the lead in to the diet, cut out dairy, my joints were almost unmanageable as the stress spiked my fibromyalgia … so thats that…
BUT i am cutting back on caffiene now anyway.. 2 cups of coffee a day and lots of herbal teas… one of my lovley fairies sent me a herbal tea pack which has arrived as i am typing and it smells devine.. the lavender chamomile will get a work out to night for sure if i can find my tea ball… ( i am worried it has been lost…… and i will have to wait until the weekend to get a new one!) and the vanilla spearmint is demanding attention now
the teas come from T2 which is an awesome place , there is a japanese tea place in Melbourne i love too , but i can never remember the name of it
the T2 online shop is stupid, it is full of silly loading images , but HERE it is i swear some companies go ot of their way to make sites as user unfriendly as possible!!
i think i will order some rose tea soon… i thnk i would like it.. though it looks like pot pourri to me lol
thankyou my little tea fairy ( also doubles as the chocolate fairy!!)

oh and some monet colourstreams silk fell into the pack as well!

Stitching stuff… well i have quietly been working on charting my own piece.. i commissioned an  ACEO from my dear cyber friend Michele Lee phelan of Art of Empath /Art of faery and she very kindly gave me permission to chart it for personal use , i would show you the ACEO but i can not work out how to watermark the image , i could ask Paul, but he tends to get cross with me when i don’t understand computer speak… which i never do.
i am sort of torn atm whether to chart as an ACEO qs sort of size 180 x 240ish sort of size or to go bigger at 300x 380-400 sort of size.. what ever i know i will be using a lot of colours as i want her to be perfect i am using the wonderful software sent to me by Cole and lana for my birthday from Hobbyware ( too lazy to link…lol)

oh and i have a new top twelve  to be stitched before i die list… surprise surprise..
excluding starts ..
Her special Place .. selina fenech
Love Me Not …Selina fenech
Leaf .. Selina Fenech ( would be replaced by Dance of the Graces if charted)
Keeper of Secrets QS.. Selina Fenech
Purple Dragonfly fae.. CCKuik
Crimson Glamour …CCkuik
Blueberries and Cream … JBG
Last Leaves ..JBG
Ruby QS … Meredith Dillman
Pine Dryad .. Annie Rodrigue
Curly Tailed Rosie… Annie Rodrigue
Marshmallow Dragon ..lisa Victoria ( would be replaced by Luck if he is ever charted)
i know i am a fickle soul, but we all knew that , some are still constants, and it is funny how i have fallen back in love with JBG’s last leaves, and i am still bemused by my desire to stitch Her Special Place … i have fab coming for her…
well i will stop rambling now..

hope no one was bored by that …lol


7 responses to “just ponderings and stuff

  1. Oh, you poor Possum…(((Hugs))) bored by your ramblings..never
    Sooooo, Paul got to choose ..so I know which your new start is. I’m sure she will be as beautiful as the rest of your stitching.
    Poor dairy products. They do get the blame for so many allergies when it isn’t them at all. Hope you get back up to speed now you are back on to ‘normal’ food. those herbal teas can be sooo refreshing and yummy..says she with a cup of Apricot, mango and green apple in hand.

  2. Aw, {{{ Hugs }}}} I’m sorry you’re feeling so poorly. At least you can have dairy again now, which is good. T2 make wonderful teas, their Chai tea is just divine!
    Oh, if you want me to watermark the Michele Lee phelan ACEO for you just let me know, is no problem.

  3. sorry to hear you are feeling unwell again. But on the bright side you get to eat normal food again. *hugs*

  4. You poor thing {{{hugs}}} I get sinus pain too so I know how awful it is. Mine is triggered by citrus fruits (having drunk orange juice for years and suffered constantly!!) Have you tried sniffing peppermint oil? That might help. Pop some on the top of whatever you’re wearing – it shouldn’t stain. Though the only thing that really works for me is reflexology.

  5. Mmm chai…. Nancy it seems we share a taste in teas 🙂
    hehe and yes T2 is wonderful.
    Here’s hoping the evil sinus problems leave you be now and give you time to recover. With a list like that one you need all the stitching time you can get ;p
    I am so happy Michelle-Lee let you chart rose, she is going to be incredible.

  6. Poor Fudgey ((((((((red Roc bringing hugs))))))), so sorry you’re having still more trouble with the sinuses. so hope the tea helps.
    anxious to see your commissioned piece stitched. bet she will be gorgeous with all those perfect little x’s you make all the time.
    please remember you are not the only fickle one. i am the worst about changing my mind. you are so brave just naming 12 top picks. all that fickle juice in my veins simply wouldn’t allow it.
    what a wonderful choc/tea fairy you have to keep you stocked with those great choices and special threads as a very special treat.
    (((((((((more hugs ))))))))))

  7. pethairxstitcher

    Hope that you are feeling a bit better as each day goes by. I hate it when those i care about are not well.
    As for fickle….nah…just selective.

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