sampler and seaweed…..


more specifically purple seaweed!! I started Purple Silk mermaid last week
the temptation to start at purple silk’s face was enormous, but i was very disciplined and started top left corner … which was not really a hardship as the purple seaweed background was one of the reasons i love the chart so much..
but purple seaweed is not fast to stitch lol..
anyway the specs on her are

1×1 on 32ct PR evenweave linen

next in line for a showing is my weekly pic of tranquillity sampler
getting close to the end now!! well it feels like it..
and bizarrely i am hoping she starts another mystery sampler.. i know i have like 4 waiting for when i finish this one and i want am hoping for another mystery one.. loopy = fudgey


Talking about samplers and starting i think i am close to a start on the serenity sampler.. i am just waiting to check the new release pinks against the luteous green silkseries, to make sure neither looks as good as the Rose quartz series does, and then find soem linen that the pinks and greens actually work with..
can you believe i have heaps of high count linen… 34 ct -50 ct and none is the right colour match for those silks… the creams are too dark , or i have 40 ct cornsilk, which is too yellow or patina which is the wrong pale green and light exampler ( all from lakeside) which is too dark and 34 ct cafe au lait from legacy which is too dark..
i have plain white 40 ct from legacy linen, but technically that is for tsunami sampler to go with Tranquillity yes i know it will be smaller i like that idea..
so … i am having one last search today through all my stash and if no devonshire cream 34 ct pops out and says nah nah anh i was hiding , i guess i will need to order some linen..

hmmm everytime i say right no more stash for a while something happens and i have to buy more…
In super cool news..

I won pauls and my Afl footy competition again this year.. by a clear margin and have about $80 to use to pick the prize of my choice.. n ot sure what to get though have lits of ideas, need to narrow it down..
they include..
a wooden box from the Cat’s whiskers .. for me to stitch a piece onto the top of
more scissors.. really nice ones .. i love looking at scissors HERE
or a seat frame… so i have a frame i can use when i am at mum’s, in the car or if we do ever go on pauls longservice leave .. there are road trip plans ( but not for at least another 2 years)
plus stuff like shoes which i need and boring stuff like that
finally another big friend thankkyou, Nic and nancy both did watermarks of my aceo i had comissioned which i am charting with permission from the artist for personal use.. and here she is in all her beauty! i used nics cos it covered a bit of the face ( i am paranoid about someone stealing the image)
Dawn’s Rose
i encourage you to go to Michele lee’s website and treat yourself to her lovley art

and one more finally.. giggle..Kerry is having a sale at Character Creations this month…

i need a lay down now after this epic posting and linking fest!


6 responses to “sampler and seaweed…..

  1. I love the colours in purple seaweed. She must be a joy to stitch despite not being a fast one, just because of the colours. I’m looking forward to seeing more.
    Great progress on tranquility. I’m looking forward to seeing you start serenity.

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Love how your mermie is coming along and the seaweed looks great! Tranquilty is a knockout as always.
    Congratulations on your windfall…the extra cash is always just great and provides hours of enjoyment in deciding the right thing to buy…I love the idea of sissors, you can never have enough and some of them are so yummy too!
    As I said before Dawn’s rose is so you! hugs

  3. Dawn’s Rose is an absolute knockout. sure wish it was a chart i could buy, cos i would in a New York minute. Michele Lee did a beautiful job. can hardly wait to see your wip.
    You’ve been really good with your Tranquility Sampler. it’s so pretty and has such scrumptuous colors.
    i would like to do a mystery sampler but i’m such a slow stitcher i wouldn’t be able to keep up.
    Those purples in the seaweed sure are pretty. wouldn’t be bad to have to start there.
    Congratulations on your win. $80 to play with would sure be a fun thing. have fun getting lots of goodies. what great decisions to have to make.
    oh, hope you find your fabric for Serenity and don’t have to buy any.

  4. ooh, a new start, yay! Love Surple Silk Mermaid, the colours are yummy! Gongrats on the Footy win too, well done.

  5. oh WOW! Look at those colours! Worth just stitching that corner alone. It’s funny – I didn’t like her artwork at all when it first came out but it’s growing on me and that one is lovely 🙂 Keep going! LOL!

  6. PS. Of COURSE you won the footy contest! LOL! Are you all set for the rugby…. Martin and I have our All Black shirts ready! (yes, I know we’re British but we’re backing the most likely to win team LOL!)

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