playing with colours

I started my Serenity Sampler

after all that planning i still made a change about 2 hours in.. yes that would be after 100 plus  stitches 1×1 on 40 count… yes i am insane i THOUGHT you all knew that by now
so i went with The Luteous Green / Rose Quartz  with a few of the darkest imperial green having been ordered as the darkest Luteous green is not as dark as it looks on the screen.. i will probably also add in a few patches of the black iris for colur depth as well..
what changed?? not that i hated stitching 1×1 on 40 ct, that was fine, i love the legacy Alba Maxima 40 ct linen it is awesome , it just looked too stark somehow… so i rumaged around like a crazy woman and found a piece of pale pink Belfast linen and made Apul pay attention to me for a few minutes and he agreed the pink was not bad, it actually complimented the silks , so i went with it… Is it ok?? or is the pink too much?


.. and even then i had to do a major frog as it really does seem my ability to count beyond four has left me lol..
i am having the first few pages enlarged today on the copier I( assuming paul remembers ) … the draw back of a bound booklet style chart is reading it, so i tried scanning the first page and it was  a small disaster one of the symbols does not scan well… hence the frogging incident

the official specs are 1×1 on 32 ct using HDF regular silks
now back to Lady in the Meadow for the week
a chart caught my eye yesterday  i sweet simple stitching themed one.. actually two did but i am having trouble getting a reasonable link for one
Thimble Abundance 
isn’t it cute.. if i had a reaosn to order some stuff i would order it.. like i have time to stitch it… NOT
and here is the other one that has made me smile in the last day or so .. so far i can only find her on the hoffmandis site and they do pop up pics ,so hopefully this will work
My Heart Belongs To the Sea… Sue Hollis  a little stitchy mermaid.. not my usuual style, BUT one does not see a little stitchy mermie everyday, and i am after all a stitchy mermaid

so anyway back to LITM qs…



6 responses to “playing with colours

  1. WOW!! Love the pinks and greens of the Serenity sampler..beautiful!! and it looks very nice on the pale pink!
    The thimble Abundance is a very cute sampler..I would love to stitch’s verse rings so true! 🙂


  2. pethairxstitcher

    It works really well….you worry too much; by now we all know that you have a wonderful sense of what goes and suits….you just proved it again!
    Looking forward to your Lady…she is one of my favs.

  3. That soft pink looks great for Serenity. you did it again!
    As for LITM, love her and am looking forward to pics.

  4. I love the pink, it’s subtle and hilights the pink and green silks you’ve chosen,
    Can’t wait to see more of this,

  5. Lovely work as always. The colours you have picked all go well with each other.

  6. Waow ! I’m so admirative ! 1×1 on 40 ct … all you stich is so … full of colors…

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