random stuffs…

thought i should post something incase people started worrying about me again..
not that i have anything of any interest or importance to say really, i am just going to ramble for a bit … trail off into the sunset and press publish…

so be warned the following will be weird no doubt

i have finally found the perfect mascra for highly active people … i know no one knew i was searching for one, but i was.. being of stark white skin and body hair.. my eyelashes are long whit things and as i am so allergy ridden atm i have been avoiding tinting my eyelashes i do not need to potential irritation around my eyes .. and i can not bear to look at myself with a white blank stare SO i need a heavy duty mascara that can survive a step class without making me look like alice cooper.. and i finally found one that left me with not one smudge, or flake or anything so i just spent money buying a full size one to replace the trial size i won off ebay..
Mirenesse.. lovely stuff.. one thing though.. if there are any aussie girls who use black eyeliner.. email me .. cos i spent over $50 dollars they are sending me a free fullsize eyeliner.. something i have never used, and will never use and nor does my sister

I did some more of my serenity sampler , i love the rose quartz, i want to stich them all to see how they look in itty bitty x’s, but i have not scanned it.. i have this big aim that i will fly through my tranq page when it is released and get a few more hours on on serenity on my weekly sampler saturday gig..
torture today was the rest of the Plum Streeet Samplers  ( you need to click next to see the last of the charts) Quaker calender arrived.. which means i have the set, which means i want to stitch them.. but i CAN NOT START SOMETHING ELSE.. do you hear me .. lol

it helps i have no colour ideas so it will help me get past the crucial 24 hour initial urge and back onto things that scream for days not just 24 hours ( unless of course these little charts are really persisitent then we have a problem)
now for some enabling ( you all knew it would come to this)
I ordered some hat/beanie patterns from etsy, from a wonderful seller i bought four.. i love knitted hats and she had some cool ones as you can see from the link
i ordered Strawberry Joe, whirley rib, sloppy joe and scrappy flapper ( for Paul) i also want pixie flapper and cabled cap..
thing is wi was looking for something to knit for Pauls dad for his birthday, and none of them were suitable so i ordered THIS one for him and i apologise if the link does not work cos i guess if the chart sells it will disappear.. i am knitting it in blue and natural aran weight posmerino from The Knittery

and to finish a link to a lovley way of finishing little things..

how cute and how easy!!

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