sampler updates…

for some reason this weekend has been sampler weekend.. i will get to Sugar magnolia tomorrow for a day , but i guess there will not be much progress this month… oh well
i have two pictures to share and a bit of rambling about linen

I will start with Tranquility Sampler..
i think after all my worrying i can actually space my colours out with out having to restitch any n a new colour.. this last page for some unknown reason gave me hope that all was ok…
strangely i really had to slog at these two bigger motifs.. i had trouble finding a logical path or rhythm ) i hate spelling that word i get a twitch everytime i go to type it.. i get lost in the consonants
so here is my Update after page 24 one more page and row five is done, then there is one more full size row and a really really short row

next picture is of my serenity sampler, i have not been finishing motifs as i am trying to get all the colours i will use on there to make sure it is all working…
tto recap.. 1×1 on 32 ct pale pink belfast linen with HDF regular silks in the rose quartz and luteous green collections with the darker of the Imperial green range added in for a darker tone.. the motif that is a big dark green cross atm is the imperial green 3337


the colour is not quite right the linen is paler than that IRL…
my thoughts on linen.. until 12 months ago i thought belfast was fine… i liked it..
but now i have to say the amount of fibre that comes off it and the slubby bits are annoying me … legacy linen, especially dower quality 30 ct and the 34 ct are sooo much smoother an dless slubby and i do not spend more time pulling off fibres than stitching.. honestly i would have that two tone green motif and that darker pink band across the top done if i had not spent so much time with my tweezers…
so if you have always disliked line cos youhave only tried Belfast , go out and get some Legacy linen and check out the difference, especially if you can getthe dower quality ( heavier, thicker, lovely feel)  Lakeside linen is pretty nice too . there is also a german linen a number of people are raving about, Weddigen ?? i think it is called yes it is.. here is the link.. Lekker threads people who have used it say it handles like the dower legacy linen but is wider so is a better value product.. it will have to be damn good to be better than the dower quality linen IMO…

i am tired, it is 11.45 pm.. i must sleep


3 responses to “sampler updates…

  1. Soooooooo pretty. yes, the stub drives me nuts on Belfast as well and I have only stitched it over 2. brave you. (((Hugs)))

  2. Tranquility is sooo pretty. love the way you did the center motif with gold/golden yellow and lavender outline (for lack of better word). as for serenity, your fabric looks gorgeous with those colors. sure wish i had your talent for combining threads and colors.
    the slubs in linen drive me crazy that’s why i’ve avoided using it unless it’s absolutely necessary.
    Congratulations on getting so much done Fudgey. thanks for the pics. hope you have a good night’s sleep and rest.

  3. I feel my heart pitter patting as I look at the 2 samplers…just breathtaking!
    Linen nubs….shudder…I have lots of those that I am working with! They can be evil! (especialy in 32 ct)…I will have to check out those other linens…thanks for the heads up.

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